As most of us know about Apple not because of its nice looking and fast performing device but also as the trendsetters on its previous model of iPhone Apple already has uses technology like 3D touch, live picture, Force touch and more but this time, Apple is going for a big change on its upcoming iPhone model as we know that data-transfer is common task for each device lover but it takes so much time if size of data is too large that’s why Apple developers are thinking to phase out this situation they are working on a new Data transfer technology Li-Fi

According to a New report announced by a twitter User that, Apple is working on Li-Fi wireless technology for its upcoming device this information were spotted by Chase Fromm a Twitter user and later this info was confirmed by Apple Insider.

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The iOS code reference in the latest version iOS 9.1 suggest about Li-Fi capability basically, Li-Fi is light-based wireless data transfer technology that transfer data using the visual spectrum instead of radio wave.The Li-Fi technology uses the light pulse for data transfer and in near future, this technology will replace the Wi-Fi uses of data transfer Li-Fi technology is 100 times faster than a Standard Wi-Fi connection which means you can download multiple data files with in a second.

The average speed of Li-Fi is 224 Gigabits per second with this high-speed you can download multiple HD movies, Games and Video in less than two seconds although this technology currently in early development stage but after looking the reference code in iOS 9 we can assume that Apple is only experimenting with this technology and may be we can also see its practical use with upcoming iPhone devices.

So what you think about this new revolutionary technology Li-Fi for future Electronics devices.

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