Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Protection of our visitor (users) is very important to us, our website only provides product information, we do not sell any product or not take any online payments from users, this is a website that is fully showcasing gadgets and technology information. We at take privacy very equably, we never share our user’s data such as name, contact number, IP address, email address, country, location etc. We do not share the user’s data at any cost to third parties or use it for bulk mail email or any kind of newsletters.

To protect global user’s data we make our website very simple, users do not need to fill any form, or personal information like address, email, phone number, to browse our website, we strongly urge all users when you visit our website, do any kind of comment so do not post any kind of personal information in the comment section, by the way, we publicize the comment only after approve it from our end, and if there is a user’s personal information included, then we do not approve that comment.

Due to the privacy of users, we did not even have a user registration section in our website, and users those who connected with our social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, we also don’t get any information about your social network contacts (Email, Phone Number) or we do not have right for posting to your Facebook timeline, the data of companies or any individual users we never share online or not with any third party services, the form you fill in our contact section for any quary or product related information, we never share that information to anyone or services.

If the users have any question about data protection or privacy policy, you are free to contact Pdevice from Contact us section, we always available to help you.

Our cookie policy

In compliance with the GDPA (General Data Protection Regulation) European Union legislation, we are happy to announce you that as of now our website do not store users cookie, but in future, we can do and will store some information about your preferences how the website looking and operates on your device like computer mobile phone, tablet, and any other gadgets, the file operates on your own machine (computer) inside a very small file called ‘cookie’.

As we all know the cookie is a small piece of data that a website asks your browser to store on your laptop, tablet or mobile device, it allows the website to remember your action or precedence over time.

If we use cookies in future, So we use for

  • Remember your custom display preferences
  • Identify you as a returning user and to count your visits in our traffic statistics analysis
  • Suggest the last gadget you’ve searched or compare for in our gadget search and compare field
  • Other usability features including tracking whether you’ve already given your consent to cookies.