We all know that most of the Smartphone manufacturer belongs to China such as Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, Mizu, Oppo, and many more recently a report came from Wall Street Journal where they said that Xiaomi was top in the list of Smartphone Manufacturer in China for the last year despite missing its Smartphone Sales target for 2015 which was 80 million these figures came from market research firms Canalys and Strategy Analytics.

According to Canals, the full year market share of Xiaomi claimed 15.2 % in China and Huawei list in the second position with a market share of 14.7% and followed by Apple with a market share of 12.5%.

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Canalys analyst Nicole Peng said that Sales of Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 3 Smartphone helped boost its sale in the fourth quarter which company said comes with competitive pricing and trendy features and company also benefited from the end of year sales season in China.

He also said that Xiaomi will have to face tough competition from Huawei who shipped over 100 million Smartphone globally in 2015 while Xiaomi only shipped 70 million Smartphone in compare of that. He also said that there is a change in buying behavior of consumers for Smartphone now users are buying more premium handset this helps the company like Huawei and Vivo who mostly deals in high-end premium Smartphone.

If we talk about Huawei’s average Smartphone sale price then it rose from $216 (in 2014) to $306 (in 2015) while Xiaomi’s sale price fell to $149 (in 2015) whereas it was $189 in the previous year.The average price of Smartphone sale rose in China from $260(in 2014) to $319 (in 2015).

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