How to Manage Bluetooth on Windows 10 Device

With every device you will get Bluetooth, in which you can send and receive data from Other windows device, usually Bluetooth comes with three important devices, laptop, smartphone and tablet, for desktop computer we need to add external Bluetooth device by installing it’s drivers and connect it using USB, fix connections to Bluetooth audio devices and wireless displays.How to Turn on or off bluetooth device

You will have to options, in which you can make some changes on the setting of Bluetooth, these setting you will get under Manage Bluetooth Devices.

How to Manage Bluetooth Devices (Turn on or Turn off) on Windows 10 Device (Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet)

  • To turn on Bluetooth device, you need to open your Windows 10 device in which you have to make sure that your Windows device supports Bluetooth and that it’s turned on. You’ll see a Bluetooth button in Action Centre.
  • Most important Bluetooth setting you will get under setting page from start menu Setting >> Devices.
  • Click on Devices, but things to put in mind before clicking on the device, with some devices you will get short keys to turn on or off Bluetooth. Or under Device >> Bluetooth.
  • Under Manage Bluetooth devices, move the cursor to turn on or off.
  • More options under related setting, more Bluetooth options, you will get Bluetooth setting in which you can Restore default, under Hardware, you will get Bluetooth manufacturer, version.
  • Under Bluetooth properties, you can update, uninstall Bluetooth drivers.Turn on and Off Bluetooth device on Windows 10 PC

Make sure that the Bluetooth enabled audio device is on and discoverable, so the check the information that comes with your device, can add wired and wireless devices on your Windows 10 device, such as such as printers and speakers, anytime you can easily remove from properties by removing its driver and device as well. So above given method will help users to update Bluetooth drivers, get Bluetooth device information, and turn on or off Bluetooth device.

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