Whether you are listening to music or watching you-tube videos there is always physical buttons to control the volume of your Android Smartphone although hardware buttons are easy to control but sometimes these buttons are not convenient .As in Apple iPhone there is a control center to change the volume using the on screen volume slider so if you want your android Smartphone work in a same way, so that you can use your Android Device without using external key to control volume. So how will you do that ? is there any solution for that ? the good news is you can do this Google Play Store gives a number of Apps related to this situation but we will use only two apps which look good and also solve the problem through widgets.

The first app in the list is Virtual Volume which belong to Italy.It will adds a floating speaker icon on your device screen and when you will tap on this icon it will open a volume slider in your device so that you can easily control the volume.There is no complicated setting for this app you can control the size and transparency of icon and you can place this anywhere on the device screen even you can activate this for certain apps like you-tube only it will show you some adds on setting area but not in widget area.

Virtual Volume

The second apps comes in the list is Volume Notification it will places the volume control button in Notification drawer of Android device.you can pull down the buttons to control the volume when you are watching videos.Notifications window can be accessed from the status bar on your device.

Notification volume

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