How to Read your Android Battery Graph

You have pre-installed application in your android smartphone which shows you all the necessary activities of your battery, this application not only give you suggestion related to battery but also give you all the important application battery consumption, you can easily visualize your application usage by visiting Setting>>Battery, also features and working depends on Android OS version, it could be different in other versions.Read the Battery Graph of your Android Phone

If you are a technical user of your android smartphone, you will know better inside of your phone battery, it’s more interesting, it will shows you in graph format, such as how much your battery is charged and with this much amount of change how long it will give a backup, also shows you how much hours left for your battery, also give you exact info about how much amount of battery you charged before.How to Read the Battery Graph of your Android Phone

It’s easy to get information about your graph, if you see deep inside your graph you will get more info, one more tip to increase battery backup is from start charge your phone 100% and use it up to 10% and again plugin to charge, this will help you to increase battery backup as well as battery life.

Graph will shows you how much time your battery will take to change complete, also give you previous charging history, with this option you will get info of with which medium you are charging your phone through USB or through Charger, your android smartphone also shows you how your battery was dead through idle (means battery used when phone is idle) this means we did not perform any action on phone and battery was discharge, but how much time it was take to discharge battery, shows in format 1d oh 18m 44s, so this time is idle.

Most of the case, some users used their phone more then “20” times and some of them used phone less them “5” times, so battery use case is different for both users, such as which user used their phone more then “20” times so battery of that phone will be discharge very fast comparison to “5” times user, and use case also different such as how much % of battery used, also shows you where your battery more consume.

Such as Phone idle, M!live, Screen, Wi-Fi, Android System, Android OS, Cell Standby, Google Play Service, these all above given apps used phone battery with their % amount.

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