How to Recover Deleted Files from an SD Card

You can’t always be sure that your private data and files will always be protected from getting deleted or damaged. This article is going to help you out with this problem if something like that has happened to you. Here, you will find all the most useful tips on how to recover your data as well as some info about the best SD card recovery software in 2020.

The Best Tips on How to Retrieve Deleted Files from Your SD Card

If you have lost all of your files on your SD, now is your chance to get them back. These are steps to recover deleted files from an SD card you should follow:

  1. Stop using the SD card now. If you want to recover deleted files from an SD card, you should stop using it immediately, since it might lead to the damage that won’t be possible to repeal.
  2. Check the trash bin. There is a chance that while you were using your SD card on your computer, you have accidentally deleted the files from it. This is why you should check the bin in case this is true.
  3. Contact the professional. Talking to an expert will not only help you find out what the real problem is but will also be a good thing to do if you would like to find out more about memory card recovery software that will 100% work out.
  4. Start looking for SD card recovery software. To find the best SD card recovery tool, you will have to do some research and learn as much as possible about the best apps for this purpose. One of the most popular choices on the market these days is Disk Drill, so definitely check it out.
  5. Download the app. After you have chosen an app, you should install it. Apps like Disk Drill don’t take a lot of time to be installed, so you will be able to restore your files in a very short period of time.
  6. Scan the SD card with the help of the downloaded software. Most apps offer different options when it comes to scans: Quick and Deep Scans. With apps like Disk Drill, you can search your entire computer and get all the needed information that you can use to find the important pieces of data and restore your files.
  7. Choose files you would like to restore. After you have scanned the entire computer, you are going to see the list of all files that are available for restoring. Keep in mind that not all files might be restored and retrieved.
  8. Enjoy your retrieved files. Now that you have finally received your files back, you can check if everything is alright and continue doing your routine things. There is no reason to worry more than you should since there is always a great solution that you might not notice because of your worries.

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Choose the Right Way to Retrieve Data

There are many great apps, so how can you choose the best one? It is not as simple as it might seem, but it is also much easier than you could imagine. If you are not sure if you should go for the particular software, feel free to talk to someone who knows a lot about all kinds of apps and software. This way, you will be sure about your choice. Disk Drill is one of those apps that can be used on almost any OS and will deal with all kinds of issues, so you should definitely take a look at it.

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