Support Ends for Windows 8 and Old Version of IE

On Tuesday (January 12, 2016) Ends the support for Windows 8 and old version of Internet Explorer (IE 8,9 and 10) Microsoft want that most of its users should use Windows 10 that’s why they ended the support for Windows 10 and old versions of IE.

Although the all the software will work on your system but you will not get any new updates and security updates for these IE browsers and Windows 8.Microsoft also suggested to its users that if they will not update their system into latest version of Windows and browser then there could be a risk of malware in their website they also said that security updates are necessary because these updates prevent your computers from many types of system attacks.

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According to Microsoft if the people only want to use Internet Explorer then they should have use Internet Explorer 11 as this is more secure and reliable in compare of old versions of IE and this version will always get new updates whether it is installed on any operating system apart from this users can also use Microsoft’s Edge browser which comes pre-installed in Windows 10 Operating System and will be available only for Windows 10 till now.

Apart from Internet Explorer Microsoft also ends the support for their previous version (Windows 8),On Tuesday 12 January 2016 they released its last security patch after that they will not provide any security updates for Windows 8 so it means Windows 8 users must have update their computer into Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 Operating system as they will provide support for Windows 8.1 till 10 January 2023 and for Windows 10 till 14 October 2025.

So if you are currently using Microsoft’s Windows 8 or Internet Explorer’s old version (IE 8, 9 or 10) then please update your system to avoid the security problems in your Windows machine.

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