Many webmaster ask question related to Google analytics, Can multiple people use the same account to manage, edit, ad, review Google Analytics account, we said that you have to give them permission by fixing roles to your analytics account. Google analytics is one of the most useful when we have to track information of website analytic, how much users visiting the site and where they are coming from.How to Asign multiple adming to manage Google analytics account

With Google analytics you can get more insights related to registered website, such as get info of how users reach to your website Organic Search Keyword, in which you can get info of website, from which source user are coming, what they typing on search engine, age, gender, location, browser and many more info you will get. the same info you can share with your other admin using without giving them password of your owner, just make them admin to manage and handle all the important things.Add multiple admin to manage single Google analytics account

Steps to Give Authorization to Other user to manage Google Analytics Account

  • Login to your Google analytics account using email and password. you will be on admin panel of you account.
  • With Google analytics you will get facilities to add multiple account to manage different categories domain with each account.
  • Choose admin area of Analytics >> Choose account >> User Management >> Add permissions for: User e-mail that is registered in Google accounts.
  • With this tab type user email id, which you want to assign admin of analytics account with choose options, Manage users, Edit, Collaborate, Read and Analyze.
  • Choose and select option to manage other admin, now they can get same interface of Google analytics account in which they can view report and edit and add property.

You can make work easy if the owner of website asking website developer to give us a credential of Analytics account. Simply you have to follow above given steps to solve the issue step by step.

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