The IMEI Stands for International Mobile Station Equipment Identity it is unique serial number which is given to each Smartphone.The IMEI becomes more important in emergency situation so in this article we will see how to access IMEI number on your device and how to Get IMEI number when your device is lost or stolen.

The IMEI also Known as MEID which stands for Mobile Equipment Identifier as this number is like fingerprint for your device means it is unique for each device as no two device have the same IMEI or MEID so it becomes the best tool to track your lost or stolen Smartphone.

The IMEI number is assigned to each new device and it is actually associated with your phone’s SIM card slot and depend upon the SIM card slot means if you are using a Dual SIM Smartphone,your phone will have two IMEI or MEID numbers.

As it becomes very important in emergency situation like when you lost it or stolen by someone,so how to look for IMEI number in your device there are multiple method of doing this.Let’s take a look on these method.

USE USSD code to Find IMEI or MEID Number on Your Smartphone

USSD is protocol used by GSM cellular phones.USSD stands for unstructured supplementary service data.

As it is very easy to find IMEI number as it included in SIM card or your Battery Smartphone’s battery compartment.You can also get your device’s IMEI number by using USSD code.

Just dial the code dial *#06#, on your device it will instantly show you your IMEI number on device’s screen.This USSD code works on almost in all devices.USSD code for apple

Using Setting section of your device

There is another way to look for IMEI number in your device’s setting area.

If you are using a Android Smartphone then navigate to Settings> About Phone> Status> IMEI settings

If you are using a Apple handset then you can find the IMEI number by navigating to Settings> General> About> IMEI. find-IMEI-numbers-in-settings-of-iphone

How to Find IMEI Number for Lost or Stolen Smartphone

All though it is easy to get IMEI number when handset is already with you but how to find IMEI number in a situation when your device is lost or stolen by someone.

You can check your retail box or bill of Smartphone because both of them have  IMEI Number included.You are in luck if you have bill or retail box but in extreme situation when a Android Smartphone Users lost his retail box as well as bill too.Then he can take help from Google he should try below method.

Go to Google Dashboard and sign in using email account which is associated with the lost or stolen device now just click on Android Icon which will be located in top left corner now it will show you all the devices connected with Google account along with their IMEI dashboard

So it is very easy to get IMEI number for your device even if you lost it or stolen by someone.So try this method and give your thoughts on it by comment section below.

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