With the advancement of technology there are lots of gadget in the market like Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop and people love to play game on these electronics device even big name like Sony and Microsoft already launch PlayStation for Game Lover with the increasing market growth the game designing industry need large number of skilled people to create creative and immersive games.If you also want to become a Game designer and want to earn millions using your creativity read this article to know about some key point for becoming a Good Game Designer.

In the recent years, the demand of Game designers has increased rapidly most of the young people attract towards gaming industry the reason behind is that they can show their creativity to the world by making a good Game and second thing is that they can earn lots of money so it’s really an exciting path.so here we will look at the requirement for becoming a game designer and how much you can earn in Gaming Industry.

What Are the Educational Requirements of Game Designer

If you want to make your career as a Game designer the minimum requirement for that a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering, Computer science, Animation or Graphic design apart from this you also need a good command over computer language like C, C++, Java, Python or Perl so some skill that the game designer may need are as follow.

  1. Knowledge of Computer Programming Language.
  2. Knowledge of Coding using Programming Language.
  3. Problem solving and logical thinking.
  4. Knowledge of Video and audio equipment.
  5. A Good communication skill also required.

If you want to make your career in Gaming Industry and want a degree of computer science or computer engineering considers the below links.

  • Post University Degrees.
  • Westwood University Degrees.

How Much a Game Designer Earn?

If you are thinking that how much you can earn after entering in this field so don’t worry about that you can earn as much as you want according to US BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), the mean annual income for artists and animators in the U.S was $72,400 as of May 2013.If we look at the top 5 states of the USA for the annual mean of Game designer income are given below.

  1. California: $88,150
  2. Washington: $76,900
  3. Washington D.C.: $76,110
  4. New York: $72,530
  5. New Mexico: $70,310

If you want to make a career in Gaming Industry look at the visual provided by Schools.com it will tell you how to become a Game designer to earn lots of Money.

So what you think do you want to make your career as Game designer so that you can earn money and full fill your dreams please share your thoughts on it.

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