Those days are gone when we calls can only be made from telephone now you can call from one device to other device using internet basically it is done by a internet protocol known as VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol the transmission of voice over internet is possible by this protocol.Although there are many application for making a call over internet but here we will tell you about some common application which are also free.

Here we will tell you about two software first one is Skype Messenger as many of us know about it and second one is PC-Telephone.

Skype Messenger

Skype messenger is a free software using this freeware you can call from one device to another device from the internet.Using Skype you can also make conference calls on it also can see the person behind the call using webcam.One important benefit of using Skype is you can also make a phone calls to your friend on their mobile phone or landline phone with its good voice quality and friendly  user interface features.

You can Download Skype Messenger


PC- Telephone is also a free software like Skype Messenger for making a call between to device over the internet.Making a call from one computer to another computer is free however to make a call from computer to mobile phone or landline phone you have to spend some money on it although it will be cheaper than normal telephone calls.

You can Download PC-Telephone 

There are other application as well who support VOIP protocol which are listed below you can know about them in their website or download them Sjphone, Inphonex and VoipBuster.

Software that are commonly used in Call Centers

Here we will list some website information of the software which are commonly used in business area like Call Centers these are helpful software those who want to start a call center business.

What you think about these VOIP software let us know about that by your comments.

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