In this lesson we will talk about syncing of iOS devices over Wi-Fi using iTunes on Your Computer.You can use iTunes to sync your data to your computer for example if you have movie,video or music on your iPhone or iPad and you want to sync these information with your computer over wi-fi so how to do that ? it is very simple everyone can do this by following below steps:

Syncing Set Up on Your Computer:

Step1: Open iTunes in Your Computer if you already have if not then you have to download iTunes first and install it on your computer.

Step2: Connect your iOS devices to your computer using USB cable.

Step3: Locate your iOS device in iTunes window in case you are in the iTunes Store then click the library button and look for your iOS device which will be located in the top Upper right corner.

Step4: Now look into the summary tab under options section which will be look like image below and select the option “sync with this (device type iPHone,iPad or iPod) over Wi-Fi”.

look into the summary tab under options section

Step5: The iOS device will appear on iTunes window when the computer which you are using for sync process and device will on the same network. Then you can sync it.

When the iOS device is connected with USB cable in your computer, iTunes is open in computer and iOS device and computer are on the same network then the iOS device will sync automatically.

Step6: when your iOS device is connected through Wi-Fi using iTunes then you can choose the device and configure sync process and other options too.

Step7: Click to Apply Button which will be located in below right corner.

apply syncing

You can also sync your iOS device using a USB cable for more information about this see How to sync iPhone, iPod or ipad using USB on computers.

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