Xiaomi ROIDMI XCQ01RM Portable Strong Suction 18500Pa Wireless Vacuum Cleaner $40 Coupon

We have deal for Xiaomi ROIDMI XCQ01RM where you can save $40 on single unit, this is a portable strong suction wireless vacuum cleaner with milk white color, this vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi listed on GearBest with $359.99 retail price included flash sale for 200 units and the promo will end in few more days, users could order single units of given product, and if you live inside the United States it cost you $0 for shipping charges. It has a 1000000rpm digital motor with a 115W effective suction power which is up to 1100 liter/minutes air volumes or 18,500Pa wind pressure.

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Coupon Code: GB-APRM

We also call it Roidmi Handheld wireless vacuum cleaner, if you are a car owner it will also help you to clean inside of your car, vacuum cleaner equipped with multistage whirling dragon dust system and it comes with noise reduction optimization design with less noise up to 75dB, means it’s quiet and easy to use, The device has quadruple filtration system in which quadruple purification system can effectively filter different type dust particles, avoid clogging and maintain long-term suction, having a purifying rate 99% it can create a great environment.


Xiaomi ROIDMI XCQ01RM Vacuum cleaner powered by 2500mAh smart battery system, which took around 2 hours to get full charge, and comes with 415W rated power and 29.6V rated voltage, in which you can contentiously use it up to 55 minutes or it cleans about 350 square meters area at once it gets fully charged, 55 minutes standard gear or 55 minutes acceleration gear working time. It has LED inductive lamp on the brush which is helpful when you are going to clean under the bed or table or any other dark side of the house, light sensor and LED light will help you a lot, and it has electric anti-mite brush which is good for us to clean hair, mite, and bacteria.Xiaomi ROIDMI XCQ01RM GearBest $40 Promo Code

This vacuum cleaner easily controlled using your smartphone through App intelligent connection, the device gets connected to your phone using Bluetooth where you can check vacuum cleaner power, firmware update, filter element replacement, full dust reminder on your App screen. There are so many other features also comes in Xiaomi Roidmi XCQ01RM vacuum cleaner, it made with PVC and metal body design, and has 270-degree comfortable large handle design, for dimension & weight it’s 25.60 cm length x 15.70 cm width x 117.80 cm height, and 2.50Kg weight.

So enjoy the given coupon it will end very soon.

Xiaomi ROIDMI XCQ01RM Key Features:

  • Magnetic Charging Stand
  • White Color
  • Has LED sensor light
  • 2500mAh battery
  • with 270-degree comfortable large handle design
  • Connect to Mobile phone using Bluetooth
  • 1.5kg lightweight host
  • Noise reduction technology.

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