How to use the Calculator in Windows 10

You can use windows 10 calculator scientifically, with Windows 10 PC Microsoft make many changes, some advance features company add with calculator you can easily see those changes with your PC as well. The given calculate app in windows 10 pc is completely touch friendly you can use key and touch pad as well to use your calculator in PC and Smartphone as well.Use Windows 10 PC Calculator as a Scientific Calculator

With your Windows 10 calculator you can easily get your latest calculation after checking its history, company also focus on switching from one mode to another easily by clicking or touching small area of screen.Use Windows 10 PC Calculator as A Converter

Easily you can calculate many things with Windows 10 Calculator if you are from any Area

Few year ago this much of facilities not available in Windows PC with included apps, we have to take help from other external sources or software, but now technology is so advance so that company focus on small and large things as well in their whole technical equipment and OS.Use Calculator as a Programmer Calculator

Today you can calculate any type of calculation with your PC or Smartphone using windows 10 Calculator app, easily can change mode of calculation type can easily switch between Standard, Scientific, Programmer, and Converter modes.

Some Important type of calculations we can do With Windows 10 PC to see what those are

  1. Standard
  2. Scientific
  3. Programmer
  4. Volume
  5. Length
  6. Weight and Mass
  7. Temperature
  8. Energy
  9. Area
  10. Speed
  11. Time
  12. Power
  13. Data
  14. Pressure
  15. AngleGow to Use Calculator in Windows 10 as a Scientific, Programmer and as a Converter

This calculator can store calculation which is in Standard format, you can delete them by clicking on delete button inside history, the calculator is most useful for standard, scientific, and programmer type calculations in which you can calculate things accordingly, this may also help users to use as a converter.

You can easily change mode by click on Three Lines in which you will see lots of option to change calculator mode in Windows 10, but you can not store huge calculation in Windows 10 Calculator, if you have more knowledge related to Windows 10 Calculator please share on comment so that use can get benefit out of it.

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