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Where at one hand technological devices have made things considerably easier for us, at the same time, it has also given people the opportunity to act secretive.  For instance, children, if left all alone with their personal devices, could end up on dark web; in fact, little they know that just being generally irrational over the internet could be extremely devastating! Employees could be leaking sensitive business information to rivals or people could be cheating on their partners and carrying on intimate conversations on their iPhones. Screens give people a certain advantage which has made it easier for people to cheat on their partners or get into other suspicious activities.  

Spying on iPhone

With such incidents on the rise, using a spying app for iPhone has become a popular choice for many who want to know who their children, employees, or partners are talking to while using their iPhones.

But spying on iPhone usually involves jailbreaking. Now jailbreaking isn’t all bad. You get to install apps, access interesting features, run any software and bring modifications in the device which are not authorized by Apple. But along with that, when you jailbreak a device, you also remove the security limitations which have been put there by Apple to protect the device from virus attacks and malicious apps.

This could make the target iPhone vulnerable and you can’t upgrade to the latest iOS then.

So, is there a way to use a spying app for iPhone, without jailbreaking? Yes, you can spy on any iPhone without Jailbreak when you use Xnspy.


Xnspy is a spying app for iPhone that doesn’t require Jailbreaking. There is no hassle of removing Apple’s security barriers nor the complication of installation. Things have changed for the better now as earlier, the only way to keep tabs on an iPhone was to jailbreak the device.

What sets Xnspy apart is the fact that it delivers information to you in real-time. After you have installed the app on the iPhone you wish to monitor, you can access the monitored iPhone’s text messages, call logs, browsing history, location, emails, multimedia, and social media activity as well.

The app gives you access to your own web account equipped with an online dashboard so that you can access everything that is happening on the target iPhone, remotely. You can access the monitored iPhone both from your own smartphone or computer. 


One doesn’t really have to be a geek to spy on iPhone without jailbreak. With Xnspy, you don’t need physical access to the monitored iPhone. You have to check the monitored iPhone’s compatibility with the app basically, but with Xnspy, this is not going to be an issue as Xnspy is compatible with all versions of iOS. Merely having access to the iCloud credentials of the monitored iPhone is needed to install the app. The process barely takes 5-10 minutes of your time.

After the installation process has completed, the app would begin to transfer the data from the iCloud to the online dashboard so that you can access everything on the monitored iPhone in an organized manner. On the other hand, there are two things that you might to have to keep in mind before you begin using Xnspy spying app for iPhone.

  • The iCloud credentials of the monitored iPhone user (Apple ID and the password of the iOS device)
  • Also, the target device must have iCloud backup enabled. Normally, this option is enabled but in case it isn’t, you will have to enable it to begin spying.

No matter what is it that you need to get your hands on, be it text messages, call logs, instant messenger chats or the media shared via these apps, Xnspy lets you access that. Xnspy is a hidden and silent app that works in the background without interfering the performance of the iPhone you are monitoring.

  • Price

Xnspy is a proactive spying app for iPhone that’s affordable as well. You can choose from a basic or premium edition for your monitoring needs. The app offers you monthly, quarterly, and even annual subscriptions.

Here is a breakdown of the cost:

Editions Monthly Quarterly Annual
Xnspy Basic Edition $49.99 $23.33 $8.33
Xnspy Premium Edition $59.99 $33.33 $12.49

Basic Features

This spying app for iPhone looks after not only your basic monitoring needs but offers a lot more in the form of numerous advanced features, too. Let’s take a look:

  • Read iMessages:

You can access and view the iMessages of the iPhone you are monitoring. You can access both the incoming and outgoing messages via the dashboard. Not only that if the app has created a backup, but you can view the deleted messages as well.

  • Monitor call logs:

Xnspy allows you to access the call logs of the monitored iPhone. You can view both the incoming and outgoing calls. Also, Xnspy lets you see the frequent callers along with all the details such as time and date stamp. You can see the top 5 callers and the duration of those calls as well.

Advanced Features

Xnspy is not your regular spying app for iPhone; here are some of the advanced features the app allows you to enjoy:

  • Access multimedia and IM chats:

You can see all the activity of instant messaging apps as well. Xnspy lets you access the instant messages and see the images and videos which are sent or received using the different IM apps. Xnspy supports Facebook Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, Kik, Tinder, and Skype.

  • Access to social media activities and email:

You can monitor the emails on the default email app of the iPhone you are monitoring. You can view the web browsing history along with social media activities. You can keep tabs on the user’s locations and chats by setting alerts on specific words and phrases by adding them to the Watchlist.

  • GPS location tracking:

Xnspy lets you monitor the real-time location of the iPhone the user you are monitoring.  With the GPS location tracking feature, you can access their current location and, view the places they have visited in the past. You can access this information anytime while using your computer or smartphone. The geo-fencing feature allows you to get alerts when a certain area is entered or exited.

  • Remote control iPhone:

Xnspy gives you the ability to control the iPhone you are monitoring remotely. You can control the monitored iPhone, view/block the installed app, lock the phone, take live screenshots, and even wipe off data from the iPhone.


Xnspy is compatible with all versions of iOS and supports iOS 6.x, 7.x, 8.x up to 12.0.1 that makes it rank in the top list of the few apps that let you spy on iPhone without jailbreak.

Customer Support

There are still many people who have difficulty getting used to technology and using smartphones. Using apps is an entirely different matter. If users need any guidance regarding installation or any other matter, Xnspy has a 24-hour live chat support system. The customer services department is responsive and guides you through any problem that adds to the overall user experience.

Like any other spying app for iPhone, Xnspy has some pros and cons to its name:


  • The app is simple and easy to use.
  • Users get to enjoy a variety of basic and advanced features at a reasonable cost.
  • The official website of the app has a live demo version so you can understand how the app works.
  • Xnspy runs smoothly and is compatible with all iOS versions.
  • The dashboard is user-friendly so, you can navigate through the app easily.
  • The customer support is available 24/7.


  • The app does not offer a trial version.
  • Xnspy does not support remote camera control.
  • The data syncing process is a bit slow sometimes but that is because of poor internet connection mainly.


Xnspy spying app for iPhone delivers great value for money while offering an extensive variety of basic and advanced monitoring features. Along with that, it provides the ease of use which most of the apps are not offering at the moment. No other app is offering such features at this cost. The app also has the option of offline tracking. It keeps collecting data and, as soon as the monitored iPhone connects to the internet, the app uploads the data to your web account.

Because of its range of great features and affordable prices, it has become one of the top spying apps for iPhone as well as android phones in a short of span of time.

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