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Gone are days when people have no idea what their significant other is doing while they are buried in their work. Today, you have got numerous surveillance solutions at your disposal. Or at least, you have spouse monitoring apps, which let you tap into your sweetheart’s Android phone. XNSPY is a similar application that does the same. Aimed at spouses and suspicious partners who like to keep tabs on their lovers, the app offers an extensive cache of spying features. The best part is unlike traditional mobile spying software or tracking tools, XNSPY strikes the perfect chord to keep people from cheating on their partners, while also looking out for issues like emotional affairs and pornographic infidelity.

What Sets XNSPY Apart?

So much socialization is happening through connected devices. That often raises the question: how can you keep the love strong and your relationship from going under. The problem is there aren’t any great solutions for this today. Either suspicious partners have to get a hold of their spouses’ phones every now and then to read their text messages or use a monitoring app to frequently check their social media accounts. In brief, they have to make a huge effort to stay on top of their partner’s online activities and communications. And this sucks for partners because it’s so time-consuming. XNSPY makes this process much easier. To use the service, you need to sign up a subscription plan at the XNSPY website, download the app on the target phone or tablet, then log into your URL account (dashboard) to monitor activities that concern you the most. More than often.Android Mobile spy app

Now, this is part of XNSPY’s “secret sauce” that makes it one of the best mobile spying apps. Once set up, a user can define specific names, numbers, email addresses, locations, words or phrases, so whenever they are used the software instantly detects them and send a quick notification to warn you of the particular activity. Not only the notification contains the relevant correspondence but also include the exact date and time stamp, so users can easily gauge when exactly it took place. Furthermore, users have the liberty to set preferences for uploading data besides remotely locking or wiping the information on the device. The program is smart because it makes an effort to guide users in the right direction, predominantly when it comes to handling such concerns.   Android Phone Tracker

Cost of Service

Since its launch, the cell phone tracking software has analyzed thousands of rows of data and helped its users identify various illicit activities through its watch-list alerts. What’s great too is that XNSPY is an affordable solution that will sate all your spying needs. The basic edition of the program is priced at $8.33 per month, while the 12-month premium subscription costs users $12.49 a month.

Basic Features

It proffers all the basic features that one expects from a spyware such as:

  • Call Recording: XNSPY keeps a record of all calls target individual has received, all calls target has made and all calls target has missed. It also includes details like contact number, name (if saved), time, date, and duration of the call along with the location of the portable device at the time of the call. All calls can be automatically recorded and uploaded to the dashboard so users can listen to them at their convenience.Best Spy Software for android
  • Location Tracking: The tracking app uses the GPS technology to provide accurate location of the handheld device to the user. Not only the user can view the current location of the target but also see the sites that are visited by him or her in the past.hidden spy apps for android
  • Text Monitoring: It aids you to monitor text messages sent or received on various platforms such as SMS, email, and IM chats (WhatsApp, Line, Skype, Viber, Instagram, etc.). Besides providing the complete content of the messages, users can see other important details too like contact details, email addresses, date and time when the message was sent or received.    

Advanced Monitoring

The advance monitoring enables users to focus on other things while it automatically collects and uploads data to their web account.

  • Geofencing: The powerful feature allow users to set virtual confines around specific zones, areas or buildings, so they can actively monitor them. As soon as the monitored person enters or exits any of the specified areas or dwellings the program shoots an instant alert to notify the user of the suspicious movement.
  • Device Surround Recording: This feature lets you eavesdrop on behind-the-wall conversations. All you need to do is send a remote command from your dashboard to turn on the microphone on the device and record target cell phone surroundings.
  • SIM Card Change Alert: If you fear the target can swap the SIM card on his or her cell phone, turn on the SIM card change alert feature. It will allow you to get a quick notification whenever the monitored individual takes out the SIM card on their device.
  • Live Screenshots: Delve into real time monitoring with XNSPY’s advance live screenshot functionality that is compatible with all Android tablets and smartphones. It’s an easy way to find yourself up close and personal with your beau or partner’s smartphone.
  • App Blocking: You can block any third party or stock application installed on the target device that you don’t want your other half to access. Block all or selective programs and unblock them when you deem it necessary.

The Good

  • Highly efficient and automated tracking system.
  • Doesn’t take a toll on the monitored device.
  • Stays off the grid and works covertly.
  • User-friendly
  • Excellent value for money.
  • First-rate customer support.

The Bad

  • Users need a separate license to monitor additional devices.
  • Works with iOS and Android devices only.

The Bottom Line

The sophisticatedly designed software has everything that puts XNXPY among the best mobile spy apps. It works in stealth mode it eradicates any chances of getting detected during the act. Owing to its extensive feature list, affordable price and seamless user experience, TopTenReviews has ranked the spyware among the top five apps in its niche. This makes it a feasible investment, especially when you weigh your relationship with money.

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