Original Xiaomi Second Generation Smart Mi Air Purifier

Air pollution is one of the most serious issues around the globe after advancement of technology, there are several companies out there in the market those who focus on this issue and start manufacturing air purifier at a fairly cheap price, Xiaomi as the name of the brand is also one of them.

Now we come to the features of Xiaomi Smart Mi Air Purifier, it produces nearly 10000 liters of clean air per minute, this is compact and energy efficient, it has air filter included inside which removable and changeable even more it is capable to filter dust particles and air as well, with this machine you have the ability to change its filter accordingly after getting choked, with this air purifier you also get a three flap pin power cable which is removable you can separate both cable and filter as well.Xiaomi Smart Mi Air Purifier

On the top you will get control button and purifier comes with inbuilt Wi-Fi connectivity which you can easily connect your smartphones (Android or iOS) for both platforms, in other words you can call it remotely controlled device, in addition, Xiaomi Air Purifier check humidity and temperature as well, come to setting part of this air purifier it has three mode available which is more useful for everybody which is as follow auto, sleep, and favorite, you can select any one of them via power button or control button, As you can see above the filter compartment it has main central processing unit and sensing technology, and reset button as well, using this you can reset this machine.

In the end we will share something interesting that how you can connect your phone with Xiaomi Smart Mi Air Purifier, for that you need to install the MiHome app into your phone from Google play store, choose your language, but keep one thing in mind that before using this app you need to have an account with Mi, if you have you can put your account ID or if you don’t just go to Mi.com and create one, after putting your Account id on the screen it will automatically detect purifier if not reset the purifier by pressing the power button, if you unable to do all that there is another option to add purifier manually, after getting connected it gives you options like power, auto mode, sleep mode, the favorite mode you can set any one of them, for more setting you can change so many options.

Best thing I get in this Xiaomi Smart Mi Air Purifier is smaller in size, it has easy connectivity options, nice design, smartphone control, PM2.5, Smoke Dust purification, Smell Cleaning, and pricing as well.


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Xiaomi Smart Mi Air Purifier Price

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