Xiaomi S50 Second Generation Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

As we all know, the vacuum cleaner is a new age technology and with the help of this we can clean our house, without the presence of any person, because it works like a robot and is full of cleanliness of the house Keeps in mind, you can set timers as long as no battery goes away, and as if you know that it runs only by charging. There are a lot of companies in the world who have come out of this market and have brought a very good product to the market, here I am not talking about a common vacuum cleaner. Here I am talking about robotic vacuum cleaners, in the list of vacuum cleaner companies Xiaomi is one of the famous name, which is known for its good vacuum cleaner and as you may know that Xiaomi’s smartphones are also quite popular in the global market.

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Xiaomi S50 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Offer Page

So today we are going to give you some information about Xiaomi robotic vacuum (Xiaomi S50 Vacuum Cleaner), as you all know that this vacuum cleaner which is priced in the common market is about $599 but after adding the coupon code it’s discounted price is about $549, which is a great discount for you, if you want to avail that offer you can have it only at $549, but for that you also have to add a coupon code, which is NXMVCMHK.Xiaomi S50 Second Generation

We have seen three different version of this Original Xiaomi roborock S50 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner, first is the first generation, next is the second generation, and the third one is second generation international version. even we are discusifying the third number here, which is in the market with a very good result, a lot of people are liking this from around the world, as I have now come to know that this robotic can be cleaned very well and you will be surprised to know that it can continue its cleanliness drive from about 45 minutes to 60 minutes, it’s a matter of pride for us, because nowadays people are quite busy in their life, in such a situation, vacuum cleaner which is a robotic machine giving a lot of support to the human being.

Its algorithm has been made intelligent enough, so that it does not take much time to fully understand the room, the name of the sensor that fixes the distance is called laser distance sensor, and we do also speak LDS in short, with the help of this robot, you can fix your cleaning area on your phone so that the robot will do the cleaning on a certain border.Xiaomi S50 Vacuum Cleaner

This Xiaomi S50 vacuum cleaner works correctly in three dimensional like tornado, and its best thing is that it has a 5200mAh high capacity battery, which provides long lasting backup, with its help has the ability to clean the house of about 250 square meters in one turn, now, in the end, I’m going to discuss some more features, you can also clean the filter with water and will not need to change again and again, one such feature is that you will be happy to know this because it is able to do house cleaning well without making high noise.

Now, finally after discus all the features we have come to the conclusion that if you are interested in taking this robotic vacuum cleaner at $449, then you can order it after adding coupon code: NXMVCMHK to get instant discounts.


Xiaomi Roborock S50 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner White Color Price

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