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People those who are busy in their life, they don’t have to time sweeping or mopping the floor of the house every day, then it’s necessary to clean your house with automatic vacuum cleaners without using your hands, few year back we don’t have such technology for common peoples, it’s available for industry and commercial usage with big size and higher cost, you already aware of what we are going to share today it’s most exciting vacuum cleaner which is global version and most famous product Xiaomi Mijia Roborock Vacuum Cleaner S50 or we name it XIAOMI MIJIA ROBOROCK S50, to know more about this stay tuned, by the way, this Xiaomi Mijia Roborock S50 cleanses the house very well according to users reviews, but I decided to test the same product using my hands, and it gets positive response after the test for 3 days.

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The Xiaomi Mijia Roborock S50 even clean the dirty surfaces by applying its Mop feature, I also test this Roborock S50 on my old house and check that will it work on another kind of surfaces, but it gives me positive result, now I am using it in our new house from past 8 months of now and there is no issue at all, this vacuum cleaner perform really well during sweep first and then mop the floor very gently, it is capable to clean complete surfaces due to its high intelligent feature which we call intelligent route planning, this feature allows “XIAOMI MIJIA ROBOROCK S50” to scan the area at 360 degree, 1800 times per second using its high capable sensing technology, You will be very surprised to know during the sweep and cleaning process this vacuum cleaner simultaneously localization and mapping alga to map out the interior of your home and it provides more accurate routes and your corners, that’s why the device can clean surface very gently, if you house is big and there is cragged surface up to 2 centimeters it can easily cross that distance without any issue.

Xiaomi Mijia Roborock S50 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner:

There is also an option to connect your vacuum cleaner with your smartphone where you can fix the route of your house using add-on maps, the Xiaomi Mijia Roborock S50 comes with plant bionic water tank with ultra-fine fiber mop, the device also support wet mopping system in which  there is an intelligent sensor which detects it’s time to mop the floor, during this period it control water yield so that it can continue wet mopping up to 60 minutes, and after completing the task it automatically stops overflowing, On the other part it has 200Pa powerful suction so that it can easily clean steel bead, soybean, millet, also comes with washable filter so there is no need to change it frequently.Xiaomi Mijia Roborock S50 - The Best Vacuum Cleaner

Let’s discuss other specification of Xiaomi Mijia Roborock S50 its Powered by 5200 mAh lithium-ion battery which gives around 2.5 hours working backup, it takes 100-240V input with 2.2A current and comes with 58 watt charger, capacity wise it’s dust box can hold up to 0.48 liter dust inside and can hold up to 0.14 liter water inside tank, even if you see this vacuum cleaner frond sides it has detachable water tank which is convenient and easy to install, which help us to plan cleaning route easily with 360 degrees with 1800 times per seconds, support edge cleaning followed by Z-shaped cleaning.

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Xiaomi Mijia Roborock S50 Smart Robot Key Features:

  • Support 2 in 1 Sweep Mop
  • 2000Pa Suction
  • Powered by 5200 mAh battery
  • APP Remote Control
  • Three-dimensional Vacuum Cleaning System
  • Support Intelligent Route Planning
  • Almighty Helper
  • Has all around close mopping pad
  • Dimension – 35.30 cm x 35.00 cm x 9.65 cm
  • Weight – 6.5 kilograms
  • Easy to connect with mobile phone using app
  • 100 – 240V / 2.2A Input voltage / Current
  • 58W Power support.

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