Xiaomi Mijia Desktop Dishwasher VDW0401M Coupon Code & Deals

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Xiaomi Desktop Dishwasher Xiaomi Kitchen Cleaner Home Dish Wash Machine

Xiaomi Desktop Dishwasher Xiaomi Kitchen Cleaner Home Dish Wash Machine

Get Instant Discount, Xiaomi Desktop Dishwasher Xiaomi Kitchen Cleaner Home Dish Wash Machine Available for Sale Online$2 Promo Code and Extra Black Friday Discounts where you can get the same $555 Product just $539, you will get EU, US, UK, AU Plug option with this Dishwasher

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For all of you, I have brought a Xiaomi Desktop Dishwasher (Xiaomi Mijia VDW0401M) which will enhance the beauty of your kitchen, as well as Black Friday offer, is going on in the middle and you can also take extra coupon discounts, if I talk about warehouses then it’s located in China & Russian Federation itself, if you look at the different plug type, then you are going to get USA, Europe, United Kingdom and Australian plug on it, the best thing is that you get free shipping in it, then wherever you live globally you will get free shipping, It is going to be available free especially for the United States.

As well as some we have seen more features on it, the display system is installed in it, which you can use easily, If I talk about some other features it comes with Fan Drying + Residual Temperature Drying, and 6 Spray Types washing and you will get a lot of discount in it. First of all, apart from the discounts are being given because of the holiday. the season is going on, the other specs include 5.3-liter water capacity which is standard consumption and it helps users to save more energy, other than that, it has 0.04-0.4MPa rated water pressure.

Even more, the power option includes 900 W power which runs on 220-volt voltage and it takes around 4 to 6 hours to get fully charge the device and work around 90 to 120 minutes in the output, talking about the weight, then the weight of this product is 5 kilograms, & dimensions are 44.2 cm length, 46.15 cm width, and 41.9 cm height, even more, it packs with beautiful LED notification panel, It has sterilization disinfection dual effect clean sterilization function which is 99.9% successful.

Xiaomi Desktop Dishwasher VDW0401M :-

  1. Tableware Loading Capacity: 4 Sets
  2. Standard Water Consumption: 5.3L (energy-saving washing)
  3. Rated Water Pressure: 0.04-0.4MPa
  4. Control Method: Button Control
  5. Power: 900W
  6. Sterilization&disinfection dual-effect clean, 99.99% sterilization rate
  7. 6D double spray system
  8. Support Mijia APP and Xiaomi voice control
  9. Voice can be used for dishwashing, sterilization, disinfection, drying, and storage
    Desktop Free Installation
  10. Voltage: 220V
  11. Frequency: 50Hz
  12. Charging Time: 4 – 6 hours
  13. Working Time: 90 – 120 minutes.

Inside Box, You will get :-

1 x Washdisher,
1 x Female fine thread adapter F22,
1 x Female fine thread adapter F20,
1 x Female coarse thread adapter F20,
1 x Small wrench,
1 x Male adapter M24,
1 x Male adapter M22,
1 x Male adapter M20,
1 x Sucker,
1 x Water inlet pipe,
1 x Drainpipe
1 x Clamp,
1 x Three-way valve,
1 x Quick start guide,
1 x Manual.

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