Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus

Earlier today, Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus pictures were posted on Weibo. The real pictures of the upcoming smartphone show the back part of the phone, giving us a definite look at the double back cameras. At the leaked pictures of Xiaomi Mi 6 Also, device featuring a curved back which is very comparable to one of the Xiaomi Mi 5. The only distinct between the design of both the devices is the forthcoming Mi 6 offering double rear cameras. The leaked pictures of the device also make sure the device appears in the photo is Plus version i.e. Xiaomi Mi 6 Plus.

The person holding the phone in the picture has a fairly big hand, and still, phone extend out of his palm. In case the device appears in the leaked photograph is a 5.15 inches variant, it surely wouldn’t reach as far as this. Xiaomi may release both flagship device called Mi 6 and 6 Plus by the end of Apr or early May. In accordance with the leaked Xiaomi Mi 6 and Mi 6 Plus Full Specifications Spreadsheet both the device will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. Presumably, the first Chinese mobile phones to do so. As of now, I’ve not heard about any intriguing features about both devices. It’s also described in the leaked specifications spreadsheet that device may have a full Hi-def display. The battery capabilities of the devices are bigger with enhanced front-facing camera.

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