Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Mini Earbud 

Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Mini Earbud 

The end of wired headphones?

The smartphone industry is developing at high speed. Extra features like having a dual camera, bigger battery and being waterproof are becoming a standard. Besides those features, the phone needs to be good-looking. Sometimes this can’t work without doing some sacrifices which result in removing an option people still embrace: the notorious 3.5mm jack.

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As an alternative, it is possible to use a headphone with an adapter on a USB type c port but you can also go completely wireless.

Great & cheap solution:

Tomtop has numerous earphones/earbuds in their inventory for those who have a smartphone without a 3.5mm jack. Even if you got a 3.5mm jack you can use those for your own convenience and gain more freedom when listening to music or having phone calls. The one we picked out is:Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Mini Earbud with Charging Box


The earbuds come in as a pair where you can decide between black or white. It looks a lot like iPhones expensive airpods. This design is minimalistic, giving the mini earbud a futuristic look which will grab the attention in a positive way. There is a single multifunction button on the outer edge of the housing.

Underneath the button, you can find the microphone.

The charging port is placed on the bottom of the stem. It is super Lightweight and it comes with a range of ear tips so you can choose the one that fits the best.

Bluetooth 4.2 Enhanced Data Rate:

Since it connects wirelessly it uses Bluetooth technology to communicate with your mobile phone. The earbuds are equipped with version 4.2 + EDR which transfers data 2.5x faster as Bluetooth 4.1.Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Mini Earbud Review

Thanks to this great connection you can still listen to music while the phone is 10 meters away. With its built-in high-tech chips, it is possible to connect the buds to 2 phones.

Pairing the earbuds:

To pair it with a phone you need to press the button on the master earbud for about 3 seconds. When you see the led flashes from blue to red you need to release the button. You should hear a voice saying “power on, pairing”, meaning it is waiting to get paired with another Bluetooth device. Now you can find the earbud on your phone. When paired your nearly there. To connect the second earbud you need to press the button over there for 1 second and release when the led flash turns red. Once connected the led flash will be blue. Now you’re able to listen to both earbuds.Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Mini Earbud with Charging Box Pair with Smartphone

Excellent sound:

Many people enjoying the earbuds as it gives a great sound. The high and lows are in balance with a dynamic bass to actually feel the beat like you are supposed to. It has a good noise reduction that will cancel sound from your environment. Calling and receiving calls is pleasant for your ears!

Charging Box:

This Wireless Bluetooth Earphones Mini Earbud comes with very cool charging Box that enables you to charge the earbuds once plugged into the box. When the battery is fully loaded you are able to talk and/or listen to music for about 4 hours! Besides using it for charging this box is a great solution to store the earbuds at times you are not using it.


This product is a bestseller, many people all over the globe brought the mini earbuds to pair it with their mobile phone. Easy to use, solid design, great sound, and the price unbelievable low! Great for personal use or to give as a gift!


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