If you buy a fast internet plan from your ISP (internet service provider), you paying for a higher plan, sometimes facing the error of slow internet speed, sometimes you get half of the speed, and there are two types of internet speed, uploading and downloading. But now there are lots of ways to improve or maintain internet speed, before that check your initial things, many times users ask that we are getting too low speed with my internet connection, downloading is fine, uploading is too slow, uploading is not working fine, we solve everything but the internet still slow.

With this problem you have to deal with your hardware, reboot your modems and routers, restart your internet connection, and computer, check it a few minutes later, if the problem is same, now check the speed by downloading video and see the speed is fluctuating or stable, if speed is fluctuating, that means your internet ping is delaying or breaking.

Easy steps to debug internet slow speed problem

Sometimes your device gets hacked, so check inside your router setting how many MAC connected once with your connection, if there are too many MAC, treat it that, has been hacked, now reset all the setting and configure again, or if there is no MAC connected, then check is there anything in downloading, or uploading with a computer or any other connected device.

We try to give everything, would help users to easily debug the issue by checking everything, if you are a Windows 10 users, with this sometimes automatic updates process running and it’s downloading data from Microsoft server to update its driver and install new setting, that’s maybe the cause. And if you have many devices connect to the single connection and each device has an automatic update setting enable, so it will eat your internet speed to installing new settings.

Check your all connectors of internet cable

There may be your internet or broadband cable connect sometimes not properly connects, remove it and reconnect by cleaning dust, before doing the cleaning and removing joints you have to turn off the main switch where your device connected with electricity, otherwise it may short circuit, due to short circuit device may damage, so carefully remove and plugin connections.

Check your uploading and downloading

Always you should check your internet speed with speed test online tools where you will get exact information of your internet downloading and uploading test internet speed, choose the nearest location hosted zones so that you can get how long packets taking sending and receiving, and choose it will show three important things PING, DOWNLOAD SPEED, UPLOAD SPEED, check if the connection is fine, it will show proper speed, if there is some issue, speed may be different.Test Internet speed, how to make speed fast

If you are using Routers, check router setting

Check router setting, how many pc or devices connected with your router, you can check this by login to your router by visiting IP address, type it into the browser, and check wireless statics, where it will show you how many pc or devices connected with your routers. If there are unusual devices connected you can block them and change your wireless or wired router setting, make changes setting and password for your connection so that other users can not easily hack router. check MAC Address, Received Packets, Sent Packets, you can reset router setting.

You Can Also Check Internet Speed Here

Check internet Ping reply, sometimes replay too delay or request time delayWhy Your Internet Is Slow, how to speed it upWhy Your Internet Is Slow, how to speed it up

Ping delay one of the most common problems with your internet connection slow speed, you have to check pings with command prompt, open your computer or laptop Command Prompt, and the type Ping and IP -t address of your internet IP, you will get your internet connection IP address by typing on Google my IP, where it will provide an IP address of your internet. Now check if ping reply time is more then 50 -60 ms or it’s sometimes very long and sometimes too low, so contact your internet provider company about this issue, because ping delay depends on internet upload and download.How to Boost your internet connection

Sometimes download and upload not the same, in that situation you have to contact ISP after checking all the issues, because if the upload is too slow, in that situation your sending request will take a long time to send your request to a particular web server, so the website will open too late.

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