How to Get Drivers for New Windows 10 PC

Windows 10 launch in the month of August 2015, after installing or upgrading from old windows operating system to new operating system, you will see your computer is new with Windows 10 Operating system, now the new task start after installation of operating system is driver installation, so how you can install drivers on Windows 10 and which is the most important drivers for Windows 10 operating system.

Windows 10 and Their Drivers

What was before that, we had to put the drivers separately, But Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 10 You don’t need to download all drivers manually, some drivers you will get with installation, but put one thing in your mind after completion of installation of Windows 10 you need to connect your computer with internet so that it can automatically download update and install your all necessary drivers within few hours.

How to see and Hardware Driver installation in Windows 10 Easily

This time Microsoft make this Windows 10 very beautiful and catchy in terms of working, viewing, and look and feel, it’s very fast operating system then other Windows 8 or Windows 7, now we discussing about drivers come automatically with Windows 10 PC or Laptop, but how you know that all information, where to see all updates about that all Drivers.

So it’s also 3 step process to see your drivers status after installing the Windows, main question is How to get drivers for Windows 10 operating System, get all drivers for operating system Microsoft operating system search and give you all necessary drivers info.How to Get Drivers for Windows 10


  • Go to Start button or Windows icon left bottom side, and type in Search the Web and Windows Update, after typing the keyword it will shows you all the update options. (Windows Update Setting)How to check for Drivers in Windows 10 Operating System
  • Click on Windows Update Setting, now you will get an option Windows Update, Windows Defenders, Backup, Recovery, Activation, for Developers. but you only need to click on first option Windows Update, here you will see all drivers are automatically installing updating.How to Get Windows 10 Drivers
  • After Completion of Installation of Drivers you need to restart your computer, or make it scheduled when you are free to restart, you know that which is the most important drivers for Windows 10 PC, it will take Touch pad Drivers, Graphics Driver, Sound Driver, Windows Security, Intel Drivers and many more important driver it will automatically install and update on your computer.

Once all important drivers will installed successfully, you only see which is completed to install or which is failed, if some drivers will failed to install that time, please don’t get panic about that, next time when you will restart your computer it will automatically will install it, this all process of installing, updating drivers is automated process, you just only restart your pc and connect it with internet connection, few hours later you will get all drivers installed in your computer.

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