How to enable Any User Registration with WordPress Website

WordPress is freely available open source CMS, till 2015 there are millions of website using WordPress to run their businesses, top blogging, news site, corporate website developed with WordPress, there are huge amount of plugins and themes available for each categories through which users can easily create something unique by their own.

Millions of developers working with WordPress opensource community, the outcome is that it’s global market capturing is 38% out of 100, there are hundreds of CMS available out there some of them freely available and bit are paid, with alone WordPress more then 15,628,149 live website developed.

Now we will guide you how you can enable users registration functionality for compatible theme and plugins, because with default themes and plugin this user registration functionality not enabled, some themes development company provide this functionality to website owner they can enable user login and registration functionality, for that you have to only enable one small setting so that any user can login and register with your WordPress website.

Steps to Enable User Registration functionality with WordPress website for any users

  • Login with your website as a admin, by typing admin username and password
  • Now if you want to enable user registration function, you need to choose General setting.How to Enable User Registration FUNCTIONALITY WITH WordPress Website
  • With this page you will see Membership this was disable or unchecked by default you need to checked that and then select New User Default Role.How to Enable User Registration with WordPress website, it's deactivated by default
  • Choose Role accordingly, because there are 5 role by default
  • You have to choose Contributor to add information on your website
  • After selecting you will see User Registration will be enabled with your website

Now anybody can register with your website, there are very nice application developed with WordPress with multiple functionality, now web developers made anything easy with WordPress, easy install, security and many more you will get with this great CMS.

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