Apple iPhone 7

Year after launching of iPhone 6 and 6 plus Apple inc planning to launch new iPhone 7 or iPhone 6S, Apple has not yet made any declare, But the internal sources, believe that Apple inc will declare before September. There are some sources claim that Apple will kill 16 GB storage in iphone7, will start with 32 GB storage.

Camera in Apple iPhone 7

Now we will talk to the camera in Apple iPhone 7, the expert says that this time Apple inc. with excellent camera in iPhone 7 will descend into the Market; these are the very best quality of the camera with high resolution, high speed photo capturing, auto focus, dual LED Flash, Focus Pixels included sensor in Apple iPhone 7, for more feature wait until the launching date of Apple iPhone 7.


When it comes to design, it’s always focus to provide best and user friendly Smartphone, this time Apple, trying to provide better then iPhone 6 Plus, Some people are saying it is too beautiful in design and in terms of look and feel.

iPhone 7 Display

Being considered that iPhone 7 display would be HD Retina, It will be larger and in size, and the colors will be best, dual‑domain pixel, high definition and much improved polariser. It will also follow sRGB colour standard.

Memory and Storage

At every step, Apple inc. find new way to attract their customers to providing best hardware quality then others, now if we talk about upcoming iPhone 7 hardware (RAM and Storage), but some sources said that this time apple will kill their 16 GB storage in iPhone 7 and coming up with starting storage capacity 32 GB with or 2/3GB RAM, internal storage might be increased then Apple iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 7 storage could be up to 160 GB.


Like before, you have observed The Apple iphone is no reduction in the processing speed, Every time customer get more performance, this time apple will provide more then A8 chip with highly purify 64-bit architecture.


Apple always try to provide best quality, high performance battery power in their device, at this this movement, iPhone 7 comes with rechargeable lithium-poly battery with high speed USB to computer system or power adapter, if you will measure battery capacity of iPhone 7 so count will be more then 3100 mAh. with 30 hours talk time on 3G, and HD Video playback: up to 17 hours, Audio playback: up to 100 hours, Standby time: up to 19 days, some tech blogger said that new Apple iPhone 7 coming with solar rechargeable battery.

Connectivity and Wireless

In terms of Phone Connectivity Apple always focus on Global Communication Trends, we hope this time GSM, CDMA, 3G/WCDMA, 4G/LTE would be enabled but with some advance feature, so every customer can get benefit of apple, some blogger wrote that Apple iPhone 7 coming with high speed internet access capacity.

Pricing of iPhone 7

As always, every new iPhone price is higher than the previous iphone. upto $1000, but it is a expected cost, cost of iPhone 7 will be fixed by Apple inc after launching, but if you are Apple buyer so start collecting money to buy best and attractive iPhone 7.


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