WETO W-T04 US WiFi Smart Plug and WETO Smart Wi-Fi Plug with 55% Discount Price

Technology is changing the world, nowadays it’s easy to get something to do something, we have a verity of resources. Today I have deal for smart plug with Wi-Fi operated which is controlled remotely from anywhere, there are three products we have from WETO, WAZA brands, with up to 55% flat discount from its retail price and light in the box executive said that these are the bestselling Smart Wi-Fi Plug, so once you should also look at this. These smart plug for Smart Home Remote Control your Devices from Anywhere No Hub Required Works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

  1. WETO Smart Wi-Fi Plug for Smart Home Remote Control

Let me explain little bit about this plug it just cost you around $6.99 with free shipping globally, earlier the price was $15.39 and now it’s on 55% discounted price, Light in the box mention that it will take around 4 to 8 business days to ship at your doorsteps, It’s US adapter, It’s work more intelligence, it works like a remote control socket for your smartphone, the device is easily paired with Amazon Alexa using 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks, and control from anywhere using smart life app, you can even schedule and set timer on this WETO Smart Wi-Fi Plug.

The housing of the smart socket is V0 fireproof material, which is more secure and avoid risks of leakage it also approved by FCC certifications and working input voltage and frequency 100-240V, 50Hz/60 Hz, comes in white color, the plug is compatible inside your Study, Living Room, and support English as well as a primary language.

  1. WETO W-T04 US Wi-Fi Smart Plug for Smart Home Remote Control

The second we have WETO W-T04 US WiFi Smart Plug for Smart Home Remote Control Works with Alexa Google Home Timer Socket for iOS Android. This modern devices can easily make your home more secure from any theft, when you are on vacation with your whole family and no one at your home you can create illusion so that people can’t get that that there is no one, you can easily turn off lamp, light from anywhere or you can schedule accordingly, this smart plug cost you $11.99 with 34% flat discounted price, with global shipping and free delivery.

It comes with extra two USB Type-A ports which you can use to charge your smartphone laptop or any other device which supports USB, WETO W-T04 US Wi-Fi Smart Plug controlled using smart voice using Amazon Alexa and Google Home assistant using your voice, plug will respond quickly, as same like previous one it also controlled using WETO APP. even more, you can Schedule your Smart Plug to automatically power your electronics on or off whether you’re nearby or far away.WETO Smart Wi-Fi Plug with 55% Discount Price

The device app has a facility to share device control using WETO app account section to your family members so that they can also control the same device in your absence, the plug is equipped with two USB ports, Built-in Wi-Fi, additionally there is schedule the Smart Plug to automatically switch on and off when away or set a Scene for controlling many devices with a single button.

WETO W-T04 US Wi-Fi Smart Plug is easy to install, strong durability and safe power, support AC 100-240V input AC voltage, 50Hz/60 Hz input frequency, with 2200W maximum power load which is pretty high you can use items in that and comes in white color support Chinese and English language and made with ABS material which you can use to your bedroom, living room.WETO W-T04 US WiFi Smart Plug with 55% Discount Price

The plug is more popular inside Mexico, I thought that global user should adept this smart plug which is more reliable and helpful, both plug can easily work with iOS Android platforms.

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