If you want to know about your information and data saved on your Google related services like YouTube, Google Search, Google Chrome, Google Plus and Android so that you can easily track your recent activities using Google Dashboard on your Google Account.The Google Dashboard will provide you all the information about services you are using and manage them from here.

So to view the information and data saved on your Google Dashboard you have to follow these simple steps.

  • Open Google Chrome Browser in your device and enter the https://myaccount.google.com/ url in your browser’s navigation bar now sign-in with your Google Account.Then go to Account Overview under Personal info & Privacy Section which will be look like below screen.account overview

    After that a new screen will be open like below screen then click on View Dashboard link.view dashboard

  • Now enter your account password after that Google Dashboard provide you an overview of different-different services and products of Google used by you.You can view information like how many email you use through Gmail,how many sites you bookmark through Chrome browser and lots of other things you can also change settings of your desired services from Google Dashboard and mange them.google dashboard

So whenever you need to track all your activities on Google related service from one place ,open your Google dashboard account.

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