When we browse the web using our apple devices like iPhone,iPod, or iPad then safari is automatically redirected us to the mobile version of that website so that user can view and navigate website’s content easily on its Mobile version according to screen size, but they did not provide full functionality in Mobile version of the website, but apple provides us a good feature using this technique you easily view the desktop version of website in your iPhone screen.

Here we will show how you can view this option on your device we will see two different way of looking this same setting on two different iOS version (iOS 8 and iOS 9).

How to view the desktop version of the website in iOS 8.

If you have iOS 8 installed in your Apple device then you can follow these steps to view desktop version on your apple device.

  • Open Safari browser in Your iOS 8 Device and enter the URL of the website.
  • Now tap on the address bar of the website to bring up your bookmark and recent history.How to view the desktop version of the website in iOS 8
  • Then Swipe Down your Handset’s screen to view some hidden options at the top.
  • Now you will see an option to Request Desktop Site click on this option for its desktop version on your mobile screen.

How to view the desktop version of the website in iOS 9.

For iOS 9 device this setting is a little bit changed.

  • Open Safari browser in your iOS 9 device and enter your desired URL on the navigation bar.
  • Now click on Action button at the bottom of the Safari Window (the action button will be depicted as square with an upward facing Arrow, You may also be required Safari’s address bar to reveal the Safari UI at bottom of your device screen)How to view the desktop version of the website in 1 iOS 9
  • After that, you will see different-different options such as share content, print, bookmarks you have to swipe all these options until you see Request Desktop site tap it and safari will reload the current page with its desktop version.How to view the desktop version of the website in iOS 9

So it is a handy feature on Apple device for iOS 8 and iOS 9 try this setting on your device.Although you can find some UI issue on both versions as the desktop version of the website will see smaller content in compare of mobile version but with new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus that’s not a big issue because they have the high-resolution retina display.

How do you like this feature of Apple? Let us know about that by your comments.


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