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Have you heard about Apollo Vernee? The company s now leading in Smartphone, but after months of promotion, the device was officially launched in December 2016. Apollo is an amazing phone not only Vernee, but also all the Chinese Smartphone. They have promised to build quality and stellar performance. Therefore, it was important to see if the new operator Vernee could live up to our expectations. My experience with Apollo so far has been positive. The company has kept most of its promises, and ending with the flagship Smartphone that can deliver daily.

Apollo Vernee: Design

As I said before, Vernee Apollo is very well built. I use OnePlus 3T as my driver every day and I have to say that the Apollo coincides with the OnePlus model in terms of design. Back Apollo Vernee is as good as OnePlus and beautiful. Coming to the front after using the telephone for one week, I saw a scratch protector that comes with the phone is not too good. The main front looks good, but be sure to change the guard from scratch with something better. For a phone that is sold for that price, I would expect a better film resistant to scratches in advance. But do not worry, the screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 under and holds nothing. Vernee Apollo feels good in the hand. It cannot be as thin or light as the other flagships, but the difference is not too noticeable. it has the keys to power and volume on the right side. Basically, there are dual speakers with USB Type C On the left, there is a microSD card slots and two SIM cards. Finally, at the top, has a 3.5mm headphone jack regularly. Just below, you have a circle of fingerprint sensors work well. The rest of the back is clean and smooth, except Verne icon below. Gray antenna bands go well with the general phone design language.

Apollo Verne: Performance Visualization and VR

Apollo comes with a 2 inch screen 5 inches. Yes, there is such a high resolution and joins an elite club plumes display HD. The screen on Vernee Apollo looks pretty decent. Colors are going well and thanks to super thin side edges of the screen, the entire viewing experience is good. Personally, I would say that the screen is a little wider to make it more pleasing to the eye. However, keep in mind that the phone comes with on-screen buttons that eat little screen space. I think the show will look even better if the slopes were less in this region. Vernee sales screen Apollo 2K as ideal for RV experience. This is exactly why you are getting a free VR helmet inside the box is a nice addition. The box is pretty well built for a gift. The 2k screen is not the best I’ve seen RVs but offers decent VR experience. So for someone who wants to see video RVs, Apollo would be good.

Apollo Verne: Hardware and Performance

In the hardware department, Apollo Vernee will not disappoint most users. As I said earlier, the X25 chipset Helio is a good performer and is more than enough to meet all your daily needs. The user interface is common for Android Marshmallow (that, unfortunately, the phone is not in nougat), and the user interface is fluid and responsive. Apollo Vernee has smart Helio X25 2.52GHz with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory. These specifications are quite decent Smartphone under $300. Now we know that Helio X25 is not as good as the Snapdragon 820 in terms of performance GPU, but the game was pretty smoothly on the phone. Vernee Apollo fingerprinting works well. The phone is unlocked in less than a second. You can play a few games on Apollo, as PES and Underground Surfer. I found no files or lost hiccups in the game play, such as X25 Helio managed to make the graphics chip. So even though on paper, a Snapdragon 821 shots to Apollo by a large margin, in real life, for everyday use, Deca-core X25 should be enough. Even navigation Apollo was a pleasant experience with no loading hiccups and navigates through multiple pages.

Apollo Vernee: Camera

All in all, Apollo Vernee is a mid-range Smartphone. Inside the phone is equipped with a sensor camera Sony IMX230 to f / 2.2. Now, this is a pretty good shape, capable of producing high-quality images. However, the quality of pictures taken depends not only on the internal sensor, and optimization software. This is where I feel, Apollo could do better. The request default camera takes a few seconds to focus on the object but sometimes takes several tests for a successful block. Sometimes, especially on the inside, the phone successfully captured grainy images. Given the slow pace of development and grainy images result I’m not satisfied with the experience of the camera. However, there is a trick. If you cannot resist focusing on an object, the camera turns out to be good enough. Do not touch the camera screen when attempting to lock the object. By default, the device locks quickly Apollo on an object that is in front of you. If you try to touch the area you want to focus enforcement efforts camera re-focus, which is where things get slow and grainy. Therefore, I propose to point and shoot. Simply point the subject/scene you want to capture and shoot quickly. You should be able to get better pictures. As you will see in the samples added to the folder Google Drive, Vernee Apollo managed to capture decent images in plenty of light. Do not expect anything unusual, but the camera is capable of taking decent pictures on average. Video quality is good, nothing unusual. The front camera will manage to snap a decent Selfies with front handle phone.

Apollo opinion Vernee: Linking

Apollo constantly using WiFi Vernee did not notice decrease speed or signal. It is suitable for speakers, portable devices, and even another phone via Bluetooth is also very good. No problem in these two features. The output from the speakers is very good and his strong voice and clear output. The headphone is also good, and his light is obtained with a good helmet. I have not found specific problems with GPS, as well. Generally, the standard connectivity options work well.

Apollo opinion Vernee: The user interface

What you get is the experience of the user interface. Almost everything is available for the Android interface, so nothing special and nothing unusual. Indeed, it is good to see the vanilla Android Vernee as we have seen Chinese manufacturers cluttered interface when you try to add their duties. What is disappointing is that Vernee Apollo comes with Android marshmallow box. I have not heard for Reconstruction nougat for the phone, but (although Apollo Lite and Thor), but hopefully leading Android 7.

Apollo Vernee: Battery

From Helio X25 is effective deca-core chips, you can simply get a date with Vernee Apollo. Now, 3180mAh is not very big in the standard today, but managed to last a full day with moderate use. But the best Vernee Apollo is that the phone is very fast filled. That’s pretty impressive for a leading Smartphone budget.

Final Verdict:

Verne is definitely a company that we have to watch. The new operator is to change the way we look at Smartphone and the Chinese local Verne Apollo is just an idea of the kind of quality products that we can get. Apollo Vernee is not without flaws. What I like about the phone is its quality and finishing, efficient X25 chipset Helio to 4 GB of RAM, 64GB of storage space with the possibility for expansion microSD and finally charger with fast charge. Vernee Apollo has all the characteristics of a flagship Smartphone with an even greater design.

Please note that the Apollo Vernee is not an alternative for OnePlus 3T, but can certainly stand on its own as an affordable device.

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