Each internet user around the globe knows about YouTube which is popular video sharing web application where anyone can upload videos without any cost.If you have also an account with YouTube and want to use some advanced settings of YouTube like Live streaming in YouTube, Want to earn some money using monetization program of YouTube or Fan funding for using all such kind of advanced features in your YouTube channel you have to verify your YouTube Channel.

So here we will see how to verify your YouTube account for using Advanced settings for that simply follow the instructions.

  • Open a web browser in your device and navigate to YouTube website and login with your YouTube username and password.
  • Now click on your Profile badge located at the top right corner and click on Creator Studio.How To Verify a YouTube Account
  • Now go to Channel > Status and features which will be located in left side of tab section.Unlock YouTube Advanced Channel Settings
  • Now click on the Verify button which will be located in left side of your YouTube username.Verify a YouTube Account
  • In the next screen it will give you two option for verifying your YouTube account choose whatever option you like but in both cases, you will need to submit a valid phone number.verify YouTube Advanced Channel Settings
  • After that, you have to Enter 6 digit code to verify your channel.Enter your 6-digit verification code
  • Now click on Submit button then you will see a verified message like below screen.Verify a YouTube Account for Using Advanced Settings of YouTube Channel

So try this simple method on your YouTube account to access its Advanced settings.If you know any other tricks regarding YouTube Please Let us know about that.

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