Since its release on June 2012 Google Now has become one of the most powerful features in Android platform.Now on Tap is new core features included in Android Marshmallow you can use Now on Tap feature if you are using new nexus devices or you device has been updated for Android Marshmallow version because Now on Tap feature is only applicable for Android Marshmallow.

What is Now on Tap in Android Marshmallow?

In case, if you didn’t know about Now on Tap, It is a feature that provides relevant information shown on your Android device’s home screen.For example if someone send you a text message or Email about hotel, restaurant, movie or regarding anything else now long press the home button to bring on now on tap now it will display more information on your home screen if there is no relevant information on the home screen of your device it simply tells you that there is nothing on tap you can also use your voice to ask more question to Google Now.

You can activate the Now on Tap feature from the Settings menu of official Google app that comes with almost all android devices, but there is one easy solution for that follow the given instructions.

How to Enable Google Now on Tap?

  • Simply long press the Home button of your Android Marshmallow device.How to enable Google Now on Tap
  • Now in the next pop-up window, it will ask you “Want help with any screen? Turn on Now on Tap” simply tap on TURN ON button.How to activate Google Now on Tap
  • Now you have turned on the Now on Tap feature on your Android Marshmallow now you can use it anytime by long pressing the Home button of your Android device.
  • Now whenever you will use Now on Tap it provides you relevant information depending on what’s on the home screen of your device when you want to use this feature of Android Marshmallow.

In case you want to disable the Now on Tap feature then you need to open Google app on your Android Marshmallow device and go to its Setting area now look for Voice and Turn off the Now on Tap toggle button you will find there.

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