We always find duplicate data in computer but we are unable to find the exact solution to how can we delete them so quickly that we can save our time so it is always difficult to find duplicate files and delete them manually. So in this tutorial we will tell you about how you find duplicate files in your computer and delete them.
There are lots of software out there that can find the duplicate files in your computer and delete them but we found Duplicate Files Finder light and fast to use. Duplicate Files Finder is a software that locate the duplicate files with same content so that you can delete them manually or create links this software used hashing algorithms to search and it is very fast.

Feature of Duplicate Files Finder are as follow

  • Byte by Byte comparison of content
  • Search is very fast compare to other software in this category
  • Lots of variety for search option
  • Interface is Good for deleting files
  • Symbolic links and hardlinks support

How to Use Duplicate Files Finder to Find Duplicate Files in Your Computer

Step 1-First you need to download and install this software in your computer you can download Duplicate Files Finder for Windows and Linux from this link.

Step 2-After completing first step open this software in your computer you will see a window like below image. Now Click on the button which is highlighted in image below, it will choose the directory where you expecting the duplicate files once you select the directory click ok button.

How to Use Duplicate Files Finder to Find Duplicate Files in Your Computer

Step 3-Now click on Add button which will be look like below image it will located at right hand side of directory option then duplicate files finder will give you option to add multiple folder through this option where you finding the duplicate files.


Step 4-Once you select the folder or directories after that click on Go button .Duplicate Files Finder will scan the folder and return the duplicate files list as well as their folder location where they being stored.


Step 5-Now you can delete the duplicate files which are shown by Duplicate Files Finder.


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