Apple’s provide some unique features in its new devices and everyone is already making some predictions about upcoming handset by Apple now according to a new report Apple is dropping the headphone jack from its next Smartphone. Recently apple has released iOS new version 9.3 to fix some bugs and also included some new software .Apart from that company is planning for some new feature in its upcoming iPhone 7 model.

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Just yesterday we hear the rumors about Li-Fi technology in iPhone according to iOS reference code suggested that Apple is working on the LI-Fi technology now another code reference suggested that there will be no Headphone connector in future iPhones.

According to a developer@Kyoufujibaya has posted a tweet about the latest iOS 9.3 beta 1.1 code that reads “Headphones have %sinputNo which can be easily speculate that Apple will not include a 3.5 headphone jackon upcoming iPhone 7.

Apple may want to reduce the slimness of its handsets that’s may be reason behind this changes according to report apple is working on premium wireless beats earbuds pair which will be included with upcoming iPhone 7 with a price tag of $200 approx although if users doesn’t want to spend $ 200 for earbuds, for them there will be a Bluetooth enabled headset which will be connected through lightning port compatible connector .

Although we have no exact date about launching of iPhone 7 but we expect it should be launch in September this year.

But we are not certain about these rumors until the final design of iPhone 7.May be Apple fans all around the globe furious about the removal of the 3.5 mm headphone jack and Li-Fi wireless data technology give your view on this report.

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