UMiDIGI formerly known as UMI is just another Chinese manufacturing company, which apparently inspired with a futuristic model of Xiaomi Mi Mix. Picture, which reveals the model C Note that seems quite comparable to the device competition was leaked by the network. In this event, we are going to be unquestionably coping with a more economical variant of the smartphone. UMiDIGI is just another manufacturing company that’s preparing its own answer to the model of Xiaomi Mi Mix. Within the months, you can find the same trend: virtually all important and smaller manufacturing companies would like to really have a smartphone with a display that is huge as well as the dearth of frames on the side edges of the screen.

UMiDIGI C-Note could be fascinating, low-cost option to the model Mi Mix – particularly for those who don’t have the portfolio that is overly comfortable. Sam smartphone is be made from metal as well as the fingerprint reader is put on the back cover. Instantly dramatic contrast can also be Light-emitting diode Illuminates-LED and a double camera. Additionally, it is known that the C-Note is smaller compared to Xiaomi Mi Mix – screen size is going to be likely about 6 inches, while the said main Chinese manufacturing company has a size of nearly 6.5 inches. When it comes to specifications, in UMiDIGI C-Note, we are able to rely on the central processing unit MediaTek Helio X30, as well as 6 or 4 gigabytes of RAM. The apparatus is designed to use its removal from the box below the constraint of Google Android 7.0 Nougat.

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