UMI Plus Complete Strange Look

UMi Plus, the company’s latest flagship has been  on the market for some weeks now, and one of the most appreciated aspects by the users is the outstanding build quality for the price range.UMi Plus Teardown

According to the teardown expert which performed the operation, UMi Plus has an outstanding internal design and an exquisite craftsmanship. The phone is thin and the internal is compact and well optimized. After removing the two plastic parts and after unscrewing the screws, you can immediately notice how everything is in order, well protected and finely assembled, without empty spots or moving the premium craftsmanship of the UMi Plus

Regarding heat radiation, on the internal side of the back cover, there is a copper foil with the function to enhance the heat dissipation which usually is critical on metal devices. On power management’s side, UMi has also put a lot of efforts. The tri-chip charging circuit not only improves the charging speed but also protects the battery, helping increasing its life.

We can see that there is a metal plate on the back of the screen. Its function is to keep tight and protect the motherboard and the delicate parts of the phone, but also to help radiating heat, so another thermal optimization here.UMI PLUS

The body has been designed and refined with different processes to ensure the best possible resistance in everyday situations.  

UMi Plus uses the Aviation Magnalium (6000 Series) for the back cover, which allows the phone to be lighter in weight, but harder when it has to face hits and bumps. The material faces numerous treatments to improve its properties and also to feel smoother to the touch and extremely refined design-wise.

On this purpose, Some weeks ago a video test released by the company showed that the metal back of the UMi Plus can easily take quite some abuse from tools like a saw, knife, keys, and a power drill.UMI Plus Inside Look

UMi refers to its product as the “budget flagship”, because it brings a lot of flagship-grade specs into a product with a very affordable price tag: not only the premium craftsmanship and the metal body, but also a Sharp display, a huge 4000mAh battery made with Sony cells and quick charge support, an Octa Core Helio P10 4G Processor, 4GB RAM, 32GB ROM, a 13MP Samsung camera with manual controls and many other nice features and specifications.

UMi also announced the Android 7 update for the UMi Plus, you can learn more about it here: Plus Complete Strange Look

We know now that the UMi Plus does have a very exquisite craftsmanship and a solid build, how much is important for you to have a well built smartphone?

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