UHANS i8 Dual Rear Camera Phone


It took Shenzhen Hans Electronic Technology CO. LTD. 4 years to bring UHANS on the market. They managed to build a brand reaching all over the globe. UHANS brand concept is giving consumers a ‘Wow-factor’ with cutting-edge technologies providing quality and affordable phones with nice designs. Each letter from its name is dedicated to a production line:

“U” series for high-end specs and stunning smartphones.
“H” series for massive battery capacity mobile phones.
“A” series of budget-friendly smartphones.
“N” series for trendy phones equipped with the latest technology.
“S” series for stylish and fashionable smartphones.

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Besides that, UHANS created other smartphones not giving a specific letter from its name but referring to a flagship phone they achieved to clone.

Such a phone is the one which will be reviewed today:


Design, Screen & Camera:

As you can see UHANS new trendy release looks a lot like the S8 by Samsung. Since this device is very popular many budget brands copied the design and equipped it with older or cheaper parts that are still decent to use. Thanks to this strategy companies can manufacturer smartphones at very low and sell it for less than 150$!

The i8 uses a zinc alloy frame with translucent glass panels as the body. When just looking at the phone you would probably think the phone is way more expensive than it actually costs.

With a 5.7 inch HD+ display ( 1440*720 pixels) in 18:9 ratio this glossy device will give you a decent and wide view. This phone feels great in your hands because of the round edges and of course the latest trend of having a longer but narrower body.UHANS i8 Review - Bezels Less Phone

It comes with a 360-degree fingerprint sensor on the back to unlock your phone rapidly. On the bottom, there is a USB type C port for charging your phone or use it for plugging your headphones. With that said you know, there isn’t a 3.5mm jack but UHANS equipped the i8 with a USB type C to 3.5mm adapter.

The camera’s on the i8 are not great. They are Ok, don’t expect miracles but with good daylight, you can make decent pictures. On the front, there is an 8 Megapixel giving you the opportunity to take selfies or to unlock your phone with ‘Face recognition’. It is possible to create up to 5 face profiles to unlock this UHANS device. On the back you find a 16+3MP dual camera to shoot pictures with depth giving you the opportunity to create stills with a blurring background.UHANS i8 With Fingerprint Scanner

Performance & Battery:

The i8 runs smooth and stable on Android 7.0. You can do whatever you want without any lag. UHANS equipped the phone with an older CPU, the MTK6750T (Helio p20). Consider it as a smart move, compared to the newer p25, differences are small. It is slightly slower but the price is much lower! With 4GB of ram inside the i8, multitasking is not a problem at all. The internal storage gives you the opportunity to save loads of data or installs hundreds of applications. 64GB is enough for almost everyone and when it’s not you can add an SD card with as much as 128Gb (not included).UHANS i8 Review

When it comes to juice, the battery capacity is big enough to get you through all day. A non-removable 3500Mah battery is quite a lot for a phone with earlier mentioned specs. When there was a bigger battery included the device would be thicker and less comfortable to hold. At the end, with this device, UHANS main reason to release this is that of the design. Another good thing to know, it supports the quick charge. Overall the i8 is a decent smartphone.


The UHANS i8 looks beautiful and is a great low-cost phone that easily takes a seat somewhere lower in the mid-range section. The clever idea of using older parts such as the second-latest helio P2X CPU will make the i8 much cheaper than competitive devices with the latest hardware installed. Like I said before, you won’t notice much difference in speed since most parts are just slightly slower. The UHANS i8 could be the perfect ‘beginner’s’ phone or for anyone who’s looking for a very, very, cheap but decent device.

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