Although Windows 10 doesn’t offer any integrated solution for data encryption hers in this article we tell you the simple steps to enable full disk encryption on your Windows 10 operating system.Full disk encryption in windows 10 helps you to protect your data in case you ever lose your computer.

Most of the modern operating system like Mac OS X, Android, iOS and Chrome provides integrated encryption tool, but windows do not provide such kind of integrated tool on its os for that we have to use some third party tool or pay Microsoft for a professional windows 10 edition.

How to Check Windows 10 Support Device Encryption or Not

Before we go for full disk encryption it is important to check device encryption is enabled or not for our Windows 10 operating system follow the steps.

  • Open start menu in your Windows 10 computer and search About in that menu next click on the About Your PC showing in the search results.
  • After clicking on About your PC, it will take you the about page of your Windows computer and look for BitLocker settings.Check Windows 10 Support Device Encryption or Not

If BitLocker settings option is not available there, this means your Windows 10 computer does not support disk encryption and if this option is available there then follow the next tutorial which tell you about full disk encryption on Windows 10 OS.

How to Enable Full Disk Encryption in Windows 10 Computer Step by Step

First of all, you need to already log in to your Microsoft Windows account to enable the device encryption in Windows 10 machine.

  • Go to Start menu of your Windows 10 computer and enter BitLocker.
  • After that, you will see Manage BitLocker option showing on the search results just click on Manage BitLocker option.
  • Next it will show an option to Encrypt your full disk.Start with the C drive as most of your Operating system data found in this drive and click to encrypt your full disk option on windows 10 computer.Enable Full Disk Encryption in Windows 10

So it is so simple if you have BitLocker enabled in your Windows 10 machine to encrypt a full disk.Did you find this post helpful ?.Tell us about your thought on this article by your comments.


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