As in this internet, arena privacy is an important issue for each users we use privacy to protect our personal information in this article we will tell you about Geotagging feature of Google plus.Geotagging is one kind of privacy features for Smartphone Users it is a common feature available in all new Smartphone if this setting is enabled on your Google+ plus app it will add the current location on where the photos are taken along with date and time so in this way other people can easily find your current location so it is a huge privacy breach.

Google + is a Social media site like Facebook it provides some common features like Facebook one of its feature is Geotagging so in this article we will show you how you can turn of the Getotagging feature on your Android Smartphone.Actually, Geotagging is a feature for uploaded media (It shows that from which location you have entered the photos and videos).So in this post, we will explain how to turn off location tagging on your uploaded media files like photos and videos.

How to Disable Geotagging on Google + for Android

Just follow these simple steps to turn off Geotagging on your Android device.

  • Open Google Plus app on your device then navigate to Menu > Settings area under the app.
  • Now go to Account settings and tap on your username.
  • Now tap on Photos and videos shared on Google + under your profile.Google Plus for Android - How to Disable Geotagging
  • On the next screen clear the checkbox that shows a message Show geo location by default on newly shared albums under Location tab.You can change this setting for each album according to your requirement.How to remove geotagging from your photos

Try this setting on your Android device to protect your privacy and let us know about other tips which you know better related to Geotagging in Android.




  1. Hi,
    In regard to your discussion, I would recommend a phone application that is quite useful for the purpose. I use an app named “GPS Privacy” that automatically deletes the GPS location tags if the photo is taken in a privacy area – like around your home, school, work, etc. This way you don’t have to remember whether you have the GPS tags on or off. Simply define your privacy areas, and your pictures won’t have GPS coordinates when made in these zones.

    Hope this would be helpful for you as well!

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