Tronxy X5SA High Accuracy Big Power DIY 3D Printer with EU, US Plug option, $20 Gearbest Promo Code

Today we have Tronxy 3D printer which is high-end Tronxy X5SA High Accuracy Big Power DIY 3D Printer, with almost $20 Gearbest promo code for all international user, Tronxy is famous Chinese brand which manufactures and ship their 3D Printers worldwide, the product already available in Flash sale as well as discount coupon also included, you can also get huge discount on budget Tronxy X5S budget 3D printer as well. In my personal sense, this is a good brand, and for many years this Chinese brand has been launched Trusted device at a reasonable price, I’m not tinkering with any compliments, try to give you accurate information.

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Tronxy X5SA High Accuracy 3D printer available in black color with two high demanding plug options US Plug and EU Plug, it means you, it means possibly will get good quality machine, in few countries it cost you $50 or more shipping charges but few countries available with free shipping, as such I found that the product stored in China warehouse, means it took around 4 to 8 days with express shipping.

Tronxy X5SA High Accuracy Big Power DIY 3D Printer $20 Gearbest Coupon with EU, US Plug

Now let’s take a look at the little technical features, Tronxy X5SA, equipped with technical grade high printing precision with 0.4mm nozzle diameter, also has 3.5-inch LCD touch screen to operate the printer, it comes with Automatic leveling feature and while electricity get off it will automatically get resume, these all are the praiseworthy features. Apart from all this, even more, amazing features are available, support 360W power supply, USB & SD input and run on XP, Windows 7 and MAC OS as well.

Tronxy X5SA High Accuracy 3D Printer Price

Now lets do a bit more description about this Tronxy X5SA, it comes with two language support English & Chinese and support ABS, HIPS, PC, PLA, PVC materials to print anything, for the file format it supports G-Code, STL and sports Cura, Repetier-Host as a host computer software, finally it works on 110V/220V voltage and 30000mA current with unassembled packing which helps you to easily transport from one location to other.

Tronxy X5SA High Accuracy 3D Printer Key Features:

  • Black Color
  • EU, US Plug options
  • 330 x 330 x 400mm Output
  • USB and SD card supported
  • 20 – 150mm/s Printing speed
  • 170-275 Degree Nozzle temperature
  • 0.1-0.4mm Layer thickness
  • Chinese, English support
  • 71.00 cm x 65.30 cm x 66.00 cm, 13KG weight.

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