How to Get Vehicle Details Online By Giving Vehicle Number in Karnataka

Karnataka government make easy to get full details of any vehicle, by typing vehicle registration number, which we call as number of cars, bus, bike or anything, now this is too easy to track without any permission, for that you should have internet connection with vehicle number, most of the users are happy after launching this service around whole Karnataka, most of the Karnataka online users always try to find someone those who do something special or very bad, how to get vehicle complete details online by giving vehicle number in Karnataka. It’s easy to track Bangalore vehicle owner complete details.How to Get Vehicle Details Online By Giving Vehicle Number in Karnataka Bangalore

The RTO, government department make huge changes in the system of Karnataka transport, best for users those who want to search for any particular vehicle, RTO departments are centralized in whole Karnataka state, Now we have a feature by giving vehicle number we will be able to get all the information of the vehicle such as owner name, father name, chase number, registration date and more. There are three options to get all those information.

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How to Get Vehicle Details Online Steps to follow

  • Open your computer or laptop, or any other device, just open your browser on your device.
  • Now type URL into your browser,, choose one option out of three, Registration No, Chassis No, and Engine Number, and select any one option. Most of the time users select the first option, where we have to only put vehicle registration number.
  • After selecting your option just type any vehicle registration number ex KA02JB4616.
  • There will be three boxes shown, in the first box just type KA02JB and second box type 4616 and last third box type given CAPTCHA code, which is for security point of view. Now click to search button.
  • After pressing search button it start searching online database, and few second latter it will give you complete detail about vehicle, including Registration No : , Registration Date: 09-12-2015 Owner Name : , Owner Serial No : 1 , Father/Spouse Name: , Present RTO Name: RTO, BANGALORE (EAST) Vehicle details Vehicle Class: MCYCLE-MOTOR CYCLE Chassis No: MEG4NBBN8GN5NMUI993 Maker Name: HARLEY DAVIDSON Model Name: STREET 750 Engine No: NVVJ5903593 Vehicle Category: SCR RC/Fitness Validity: 07-12-2030 Hypothication details HP Type: Hypothicated Financier Name: HDFC BANK LTD HP W.E.F: 08-12-2015 Tax details Tax Mode: Life Time Tax paid up to: Life Time.

All the above-given details will help all KARNATAKA users including Bangalore, can get complete detail of any vehicle which is running on the road. Just type some numbers and get complete details of owner and more.

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  1. I think they have stop showing information about vehicle online as of now, or working on website so that users can check info of all type of vehicle such as bike scooter, motorcycle, truck, buses, cars, SUV and etc, may be after few months it comes again online, i also check multiple time with same URL but now they made some changes.

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