How to Change Payee Address with Google adsense

Google Adsense has now more then 2.5 million existing users, many of them shift there home address, they are very much confuse about how we can update our new address with Google Adsense, now we will help you to how you can update your new address with Google Adsense.Change Address to Verify Your Google adsense PIN

This is most important thing with Google Adsense account, first when you create account with Google Adsense, you need to verify your account using verification, the code which Google sent to your postal address, after verifying the pin Google process your first payment, if you did not verify it within few month Google will stop displaying your Adsense Ads.

For that first you have to verify your PIN, change your address, put it the way where you get old postal deliveries, just put right address, when you request for new pin to verify your address Google will display message Your PIN will be sent by post 3-5 days after the date listed above and may take 2-4 weeks to arrive depending on the postal service

 Steps to Change Google Adsense Payee Payment Address to Verify Adsense PIN

  • First you need to login with your Google Adsense account and type email and password
  • Now you will be inside of your Google Adsense account and click on Gear Sign, now it will give you an option Setting, Status, Payment, Send feedback.How to Change Payee Payment Address with Google Adsense Account
  • You need to click on Payment option
  • Now there are new page will open three option will shows PAYMENT HISTORY, PAYEE PROFILE, and PAYMENT SETTINGChange Payee Address with Google Adsense
  • To change your address you need to click on PAYEE PROFILE
  • Now Payee profile page will open where you can change your address by click on Top EDIT Button, it will give you an option to change your address
  • You have to write not more then 60 char in each line, write your correct address and click on save

Now it will save your address, now you can verify your PIN by going into home of Google Adsense account, and click on request a new PIN. few hour later after changing address you will get confirmation email related to address change.

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