How to get Google security alerts on your phone

Each Android users want to safe their smartphone or any other Android device safe and secure, if we take a global smartphone users scenario, most of the users access their email and other useful information using their smartphone or any other mobile devices.How to get Google security alerts on your phone

In this world every users have their own secrete with their gadgets, but when situations makes bad things happen, such as somebody used your phone or you left your phone somewhere, in that case they easily can access your data which you used with your email accounts, such as your personal contacts, credit card information, your messages, emails and etc. So some important points will help you sometimes, they will notify you that someone else using your device and please change your password or take an action.Add account recovery options to your account in Android Phone

This setting will help you when somebody has your password and try to sign-in your device stored email account, so in that situation choose these setting to get rid of hacking your email accounts, Google has email notification facility for hacking attempts before, it’s included phone and email alert facility, and this will help users to protect email account secure and safe.Protecting your account in Android Device

Just go to Phone Setting >> Accounts >>  Google >> Sign-in & Security >> Signing in to Google >> Security Alert Setting (Manage Setting) >> Critical Security Risk >> Email and Text Message facility, using these two method you can get instant notification about your login attempts, before this window phone will shows you Recently used devices.Android Security for your Mobile smartphone or tablet

Also we recommend you to use two step verification method to secure your account, this is one of the most secure option to protect your emails.

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