Best Clock setting to Android Device, Get to change time setting in Android Smartphone

Android smartphone has ability to change and set time setting accordingly, however it’s depends on requirement of users, sometimes people frequently change their location from one time zone to another one, at that particular time Android smartphone will help you to easily set important setting for time zone.

There is one important thing in Android smartphone is, you can easily change each setting from single place, so that we don’t need to make much effort to set it our best, sometimes users confuse when they don’t know much about setting, all setting usually used for personal usage, so that life goes better, cause of time is one of the most important part of life.

All the time users get to know more about important settings, many users confuse about how we can fix all important setting related to time, such as alarm, snooze, timezone, volume, clock type etc, we will show you all the settings with it’s most important applications so that you will get important information related to time setting into your Android devices.

If we, in the case of the watch, then we have to take care of some Important things, now one by one we will describe how to change and which is best setting for your device time.How to See current time of any popular city using android phone

Usually Android device users ask how to see current time of any city using Android smartphone, it’s one of the simple way to see current city time of Global cities, you need to move your tap to clock and inside clock you able to see four important options to see all cities time so that you can easily get information of current time of global cities.

You can easily set time city wise

There is one best feature of android you can get instant time of important cities of each countries, and you can change time according to city by searching at top of the window, for that you need to go main screen and click on Clock now it’s show you four options, first Alarm clock where you can fix your alarm accordingly at single time you can fix more then one alarms and change alarm settings, now second option is time where you able to see current time and change it accordingly, in this window you see globe sign just click on globe to see the time of different cities, for that you need to click and select, now this time will visible when you come to screen.See time and change it accordingly for each city you visit

Change appropriate setting for Android Clock

All clock setting exist inside Clock >> Options >> Setting in this window you can change lots of settings simultaneously, at this place you see two important options one is Clock and Alarms.

Clock setting

with this three important settings exist

  • You can set your clock style Analog and Digital as per need
  • Automatic home clock where you don’t need to change time each time when you travel it will automatically detect time from internet and change it accordingly
  • And last and third option is Home time zone from which you can change a time zone of your device

Alarms Setting

Alarms is one if the important part if life, some users use alarm each day to get up early in the morning to get ready for office, now Android smartphone will help you to change the setting according to need, there are four most important options you need to fix.

  • Silence after, that means when alarm will start, means the alarm had begun, how long will the device be silent, you can fix this option to 1 minute to never.
  • Second option for alarm is snooze, that means that means that once the alarm sounding, the alarm will ring after such a long time, so you do not have your alarm off, they then have not heard.
  • Third one is alarm volume where you see volume label, you can increase and decrease the volume of alarm according to requirement.
  • Last option is what will happen when you press volume button of your android smartphone, so there are three options Snooze, Dismiss and Do nothing, choose your best which you want to do with volume buttons.

These all above setting cover all the important aspect related to clock of your Android device and how to handle them, according to requirement.


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