How to enable tethering on Android 6.0 Marshmallow update

Android provide always new and exciting features for all type device users, such as starter, intermediate, and expert users, Android development team always provide changes and upgrade as well, provided much benefit to the user, but this time Android disappointed users with new update Android Marshmallow update, it allows mobile carriers to block tethering by default with this version, this all sharing of mobile data with other users in order to save a massive chunk of data bandwidth.How To Enable Native Wifi Tethering Nexus 6 Android 6.0

However, you want to overcome this issue with it’s new version, so you need to follow some steps where you able to resolve this issue, need to write some command to enable tethering manually which we call ADB Command, you have updated your device to Android 6.0 Marshmallow probably a Nexus device right now, then you can easily enable tethering on your Android device by typing and processing some small commands.How to enable tethering on Android 6.0 Marshmallow update

Before start your process to fixing it up you need to do some effort, such as need to check ADP drivers are installed properly so that you can easily connect your Android device with your computer which is mostly connect via USB, if not installed we will help you to provide exact information of drivers, from where you have to install, Download Google USB Drivers, now choose appropriate driver to install.

To enable the option, you need to follow some steps, to enable debugging mode on your device just follow Move to Setting Developer options>> Now choose USB Debugging.How to enable tethering on Marshmallow update [Android 6.0]

You need to follow some steps to enable tethering on your Android v6.0 Device

  • Please check all the setting properly, specially check properly Required OEM driver installed on your computer for your Android device, if not installed please install it and check it.
  • To download and install proper ADB Drivers
  • Now you need to enable USB Debugging mode on your Android device
  • Before that you need to enable developer mode in Android, you have to go on Setting >> About Device >> Build Number >> tap seven (7) time to enable developer mode
  • Now go back again in setting of your Android device, here you see Developer option enabled, now click on Developer option
  • Choose USB debugging mode (Debug mode when USB is connected) so that you can do something, select it, and then press OK.
  • Now connect your Android device with your computer using USB cable
  • Now launch the appropriate command with your Windows PC.
  • Access your ADB shell and run commands on root directory settings put global tether_dun_required 0
  • After running this command tethering will be enable, now you have to reboot your Android device to see all changes

Now you can enjoy setting which you want to enable, now tethering is enabled with your device.


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