Microsoft Corporation make small changes in their new Windows 10 operating system interface, Windows 10 user used to do before that, in those very simple, there used to change PC password, all of these operations you can perform with both desktop and laptop, you can not only change the password of your computer, but much more can do.

Steps to Change or Create New Password of Admin in Windows 10

  • Open your computer, click on windows sign on your computer, now one new popup will open, where you see top left name of your PC, which you write at the time of installation like XYZHow to Change Password in Windows 10
  • Click on your system name, it will give you an options Change Account Setting, Lock, Sign Out, you need to click on Change Account Setting.How to Change Password in Windows 10
  • You are at new window where you see five new options left hand side, Your Account, Sign-in Option, Work Access, Family and Other Users and last Sync your Setting. but you need to click on second option to change your computer password or create new password
  • When you click on Sign-in Option it will show you option under PASSWORD change your account password, click on it, now it will give you option to write your current password, if you did not use any password before, so type your new password to create password, or if you have used it before and want to change it so type old password.Create or change your password in Windows 10
  • Now after typing old Password click on Next button, and type new password in this window twice including password password create with windows 10

this is whole process to create new password or change your old password to new using few step, i have been analyzing a lot of Windows users, where the problem comes to those of the user. In Windows 10, you will find many new features, some of which are easy and some are very tough.

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