Before you go to your nearest cinema hall to see the latest movie of Star Wars it’s time to see them in your terminal or command prompt using some simple commands.

Many of us are a hardcore fan of movies made by Star Wars we see all their previous version on our television, computer or in our tablet and Smartphone as recently Star Wars has launched its new version known as Star Wars: The Force Awakens so it’s a perfect time to re-watch the series.

Here we will show you how to watch Star Wars in your Windows, Mac or Linux computer although it’s not a new feature it has been around since the Windows XP era you can do the same thing with the newer version on Windows (7, 8 or 10).

Here we will use a network protocol known as Telnet to see the Star Wars series in an animated text we call it ASCII movie as it runs on ASCII characters.

How to Watch Star Wars in Command Prompt for Windows using Telnet?

The newer version of Windows does not include Telnet. If you are using a new Windows version you have to install this network protocol on your windows machine.

  • Open command prompts in your Windows computer and run the following command and press enter after that.

pkgmgr /iu:”TelnetClient”

Now if it will ask for administrative permission now enter the administrator password and confirm to proceed and restart the command prompt.

  • Now enter the following command to watch Star Wars series on your Windows computer and press Enter key.


How to Watch Star Wars on Linux and MAC

If you are using a Linux or MAC computer then there is no need to install telnet in those systems as it is pre-installed in these machines. Simple open the Terminal app and enter the following command to run.


After that, Star Wars Will start playing in ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interexchange) characters.Here we are sharing some screen shotsWatch Star Wars In Command Prompt 1Watch Star Wars In Command Prompt 2Watch Star Wars In Command Prompt 3Watch Star Wars In Command Prompt 4

What you think about this ASCII movie of Stars Wars try it and Enjoy the movie on your command prompt or terminal.

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