How to disable auto-correct and highlighted misspelled

Most of the Windows 10 users ask to how to disable auto-correct and highlighted misspelled or alternative, enable it. Windows 10 lets you correct misspelled word while type in text editors, all the editors of MS office, when you type wrong spelling, it will read and that tells you for misspelling, it alert you by highlighting the color of words about the spelling mistake.

This is one of the best functionality for professional users so that they can minimize the writing error, all global blogger write blog on text editor, such as Microsoft Word, to minimize the grammar, spelling and sentence error, you will find all the features with product developed by Microsoft, autocorrect and highlighted misspelled words are best productivity tools inside Windows 10 operating system.Spell Checking - Turn On or Off in Windows 10 - Windows 10

Fortunately, Windows 10 OS comes with all important setting to enable and disable apps and system setting by following some easy steps, such as we require to change setting about Autocorrect misspelled words and highlight misspelled words.

Steps to turn on and off Auto-correction & highlighting of misspelled words in Windows 10

  • Open your Windows 10 PC, as an Admin.
  • Select a setting page from start panel of Windows 10 PC, or short key for setting age is Windows + I.
  • Now you will be on setting app of your computer, choose device setting option from all 9 given settings.Spell Checking - Turn On or Off in Windows 10
  • After choosing Device option, go to Typing, which you will get on left side.
  • There are options available to change the setting by switching from on to off.
  • Change it by sliding right and left. Default Setting will be changed.

If you disable or enable spelling change option while you are working, you will need to restart your windows 10 device to view complete changes. Built-in spell checking feature that autocorrects and highlights misspelled words in Windows 10 apps and text editors. Windows 10 as well as help us to improve and correct grammar in our written sentence.

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