Sony has unveiled its Flagship Xperia X Smartphone at MWC Event 2016 back in February.Now the contract version of this Smartphone is available for pre-order in the UK.The Vodafone, EE, and O2 network are offering this plan at Mobiles UK retailer.

To get 3GB of data, unlimited minutes and the message from Vodafone network the users need to pay Euro32/month for 24 months users didn’t require any other cost for this handset although there are other plans with upfront amount starting from minimum Euro 50 pounds.

And if you like to buy from another carrier like O2 the lowest cost without any upfront cost is 31 Euro per month.But if you will pay Euro25 as an upfront cost than the monthly cost will be reduced to Euro 28/month but you will get only 1GB of data while Vodafone is offering 3GB of Data.

Apart from that EE network is offering the same handset by paying Euro 38.49 per month for 24 months in this plan they provide unlimited talk-time, unlimited text, and 2GB of Data if we compared the pricing of EE networks its higher than O2 and Vodafone for Xperia  X handset.Mobile UK will deliver the Xperia X Smartphone on May 27 to preordered customers.The handset is available in Black, Rose-Gold, White, and Lime Gold color options.

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